As per Aquaman star Jason Momoa, fellow Justice League co-star Henry Cavill “completely” does not plan to leave the job of Superman as recently detailed.

Jason Momoa Contemplates

At a carpet event for Aquaman, Momoa gave out some information about his contemplation on Henry Cavill leaving DCEU after reports surfaced not long ago that the Man of Steel star was hoping to withdraw from the job.

Opposite to the prior remarks made about their conceivable takeoff, Momoa denied Cavill was finished depicting the DCEU hero.

“I just talked to Henry,” revealed Momoa to Entertainment Tonight. “He’s absolutely not [leaving the role]. He loves the character. He’s not. 100 percent. It’s absolutely [not happening].”

Reports in September had emerged that Henry Cavill would not repeat his job as Clark Kent for an appearance in one year from now’s Shazam!.

No affirmation From DC Or Warner Bros.

While it was at first proposed that Henry Cavill was leaving the DCEU altogether, neither Warner Bros. nor Cavill himself have affirmed an official takeoff, indicating that he was not finished with the job.

Crisp bits of gossip in October demonstrated that the studio was not hoping to push ahead with solo movies featuring either Ben Affleck’s Batman or Cavill’s Superman.

Increasingly keen on recasting for Batman completely while the eventual fate of Superman in the DCEU stayed dubious.

With Momoa’s most recent remarks, ideally, fans will motivate the chance to see Cavill’s Last Son of Krypton on the extra large screen in some limit soon.

Meanwhile, the most recent DCEU film, Aquaman, opens in theaters wherever on December 21.

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