If you are not aware, Disney is remaking the iconic Cartoon of 1997, Hercules, into a live-action movie. The news of Hercules Disney Remake is already making fans show their enthusiasm through tweets suggesting the cast for the movie.
These fans made a petition where they demanded pop star Ariana Grande be cast as Megara in the upcoming live-action Hercules movie. This has received over 14k signatures, which is a pretty bold start. Fans are also requesting the makers to make Danny DeVito Phil. Now, this is fair because he had originally voiced Phil.

We have prepared the top suggestions that people have tweeted for the cast roles. You will not be disappointed seeing their choices. It will be interesting to see if Disney takes up the suggestion and surprises its fans.

1. Hercules

Kellan Lutz and Hercules
Kellan Lutz and Hercules parallels


2. Megara

Liz Gillies and Megara
Liz Gillies as Megara
Ariana Grande and Megara
The popular suggestion of Ariana Grande as Megara


The duo who directed Avengers: Endgame and Infinity War, Joe and Anthony Russo, are returning to produce this film, so the stakes are pretty high. Expectations are also high.

However, there is no guarantee when the shooting will commence or end given the ongoing pandemic. Since it is in the early developmental stage, there is not much information about it but stay tuned for more news. We do not know how close the movie Hercules’ plot will match with the cartoon, but apparently, there are many impressive musical performances.

3. Phil

Danny DeVito and Phil tweet
The resemblance between Danny DeVito and Phil is uncanny


4. Hades

Jeff Goldblum and Hades tweet
Jeff Goldblum definitely suits to play Hades


Willem Dafoe and Hades tweet
Willem Dafoe is definitely another alternative to play Hades


5. Pain and Panic

Michael Cera and Jonah Hill as Pain and Panic, a popular suggestion


Jack Black and Pain tweet
Jack Black and pain seem like the same person


6. The Muses

Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson and Keke Palmer as The Muses tweet
Kelly Rowland, Jennifer Hudson and Keke Palmer will kill it as The Muses
Beyonce and The Muses tweet
Legendary singer Beyonce as The Muses is too much to handle

7. Zeus

Dwayne Johnson and Zeus tweet
Dwayne Johnson as Zeus is worth watching

It is no longer a secret that Disney is planning to release back to back live-action movies. Mulan is scheduled to release on July 24, and The Little Mermaid remake might release in the year 2021 or 2022. respectively.
Disney had earlier released Lion King the previous year, which garnered much appreciation. However, few fans found it disappointing in comparison to the original cartoon. A similar thing happened with The Aladdin Remake.

Hopefully, this time Disney will give no chance for any of the fans to complain. What are your thoughts on the Hercules remake? Comment down below.

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