It has been a subject of debate among fans whether or not Warner Bros. should recast Ezra Miller to act in The Flash movie. Ezra Miller has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. In the recent past, Miller has encountered a plethora of legal issues, be it choking a woman and assaulting her or being arrested multiple times in Hawaii. These are only some of the reasons behind Ezra’s ill fame. But Warner Bros. has categorically refused that they are considering re-casting Ezra. But that hasn’t stopped the fans from speculating about Ezra Miller’s future. And Twitter believes that they have the perfect replacement – Elliot Page.

Elliot Page would be the ideal replacement for Ezra Miller

Elliot Page
Fans want Elliot Page to play the role of The Flash

Twitter has suggested that Elliot Page might be the perfect replacement for Ezra Miller to play the role of Barry Allen in The Flash. A certain fan, that goes by the Twitter Handle @dcauwatchtower, said that Elliott Page would be perfect to play the role of Flash. Not only would that put a gender-queer actor in the role, but Elliot would also be an attractive choice to play the role of The Flash.

And fans couldn’t agree more with the suggestion. They want Warner Bros. to make this happen.


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The hold-up in casting Elliot Page as The Flash

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller is in a lot of scenes in the movie

But, most likely, Warner Bros. will not be doing that. The studio is not looking to recast Miller as The Flash because that will result in them having to reshoot the entire film as they appear in nearly every scene. The studio has revealed that it will “not be a realistic proposition” for them. Thus it seems like the studio is stuck with Ezra, not by choice, but by compulsion.

That is why even though fans believe that the re-casting would be impeccable, there is no way to bring their dream to fruition.

Problems posed by Ezra Miller on the set

Ezra Miller
Ezra Miller’s on-set behavior also poses a lot of problems

Looks like Ezra Miller is staying in DC Extended Universe. But it remains to be seen how long they settle for Ezra. It has been reported that The Fantastic Beasts actor has posed various problems on the set because of their behavioral problems. This means that the actor’s future hangs in the balance.

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