Keanu Reeves is a renowned personality in the Hollywood industry. The Canadian actor has a wealth of acting experience and has played some of the most well-known characters in film. Unquestionably, Reeves, a Hollywood classic recognized for his roles in countless blockbuster films, had a significant impact on the entertainment industry.

Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves

The actor is in the spotlight after a fan-made trailer of Ghost Rider featuring him as the lead surfaced online. A video posted by StryderHD on his Youtube channel replaced the iconic Nicolas Cage with Keanu Reeves in Marvel’s Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider movies revolve around an edgy character who deals with some scary subjects.

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Keanu Reeves replaces Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider trailer

This Look At Keanu Reeves As Ghost Rider Is Flat-Out Awesome
Keanu Reeves As Ghost Rider

For a decade, people have recalled Nicolas Cage as Johnny Blaze, a daring stuntman who struck a pact with the devil to become the Ghost Rider. His performance gripped and perplexed spectators with a blend of intense emotions, dark heroism, and an appealing charm.

The first film, based on the Marvel character, captivated audiences when released in 2007. However, its sequel, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, in 2011 performed poorly and marked the end of the franchise, and the rights went back to Marvel. Despite having the rights back, no comment or tease has been made about a potential Ghost Rider movie made by Marvel Studios.

A fan-made trailer posted by Stryder HD of Ghost Rider brought the franchise to light. He demonstrated the potential of a solo adventure from Marvel Studios featuring the Spirit of Vengeance in the MCU. There was just one minute change in the trailer which was Cage getting replaced by Keanu Reeves

The fan film trailer depicts Keanu Reeves as the recognizable Marvel superhero. Despite being widely known, Johnny Blaze, aka Ghost Rider, has not yet made an appearance in the MCU. Reeves has even expressed his desire to play Ghost Rider, but thus far, nothing has come out of the actor’s and fans’ wish to see it happen. 

The Ghost Rider franchise has always captured audiences’ attention with its eerie themes that combine the earthly and infernal in a mesmerizing dance of justice and suffering. Fans are waiting for a new film in the franchise and for the superhero to be part of the MCU.

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Will Ghost Rider be part of the MCU?

The Legacy of Marvel's Ghost Rider Movie
A still from Ghost Rider

The MCU character Johnny Blaze was initially portrayed by Nicolas Cage in the 2007 film Ghost Rider and again in its 2011 follow-up, Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. The Marvel character existed way before the MCU debuted in 2008. However, Ghost Rider hasn’t been part of the MCU yet.

Since the Marvel Cinematic Universe is in this condition, nothing seems impossible to them. With the growth of the studios, there is enough space to introduce, make a debut, and reprise any character of their choosing. The current multiverse saga marks a perfect opportunity for Ghost Rider to be part of the MCU. The upcoming highly anticipated film Secret Wars has sparked rumors of many characters coming back, including Ghost Rider.

With Marvel Studios’ steady growth, it appears the rumor might have some weightage. But the question now arises of Nicolas Cage reprising his role or getting replaced by Keanu Reeves in the film just like in the fan trailer.

More rumors claim that Marvel Studios was working on a standalone Ghost Rider film before the WGA strike caused an overall halt and delay. Even Ghost Rider was being developed by Marvel in secret, along with several other ideas.

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Source: StryderHD

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