In the Hollywood sagas of love stories yet another couple has parted their ways making their way through the headlines. After the breakup between the Nope star Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson, they have yet again made the news as Jackson is said to ‘move on’ leaving all the drama.

Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson
Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson

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Keke Palmer’s Ex Darius Jackson has Moved On

As Keke Palmer has recently collaborated with Usher on their recently released new track Boyfriend, Palmer’s ex-boyfriend Darius Jackson is said to be moving on with his life leaving all the drama behind.

After criticizing Palmer for her dress while she was dancing alongside Usher in his Las Vegas residency, back in July Jackson is said to move on with his life. All of the drama started when Keke Palmer took her Twitter (Currently known as X) to post her photo in a sheer dress while she was at Usher residency at last Vegas.

Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson with their son
Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson with their son

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Taking everyone by surprise Darius Jackson her then-boyfriend and father to her son Leo, in response to Palmer’s post tweeted which read “It’s the outfit tho. you a mom.” 

This one tweet from Jackson was enough for the internet to go crazy and as he started gaining blackish. Although a tried to end all the social media feud, Jackson deleted his Twitter account in 24 hours.

Although as per the sources, Darius Jackson has now moved on leaving behind all the drama related to his past relationship.

Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson: Love and Drama

The love story between this ex-couple started back in May 2021 when they meet at an Insecure after-party which was hosted by Diddy. The pair was quick to make it official as they took their Instagram to post their pictures together. By 2022’s December, Palmer revealed that she was pregnant and both Palmer and Daruis were going to be parents.

Throughout their pregnancy, Palmer shared the picture with her baby bump. In some photos, Jackson was even seen kissing Palmer’s baby bump. On the 25th of February, the couple welcomed the first child who the name Leodis Andrelton Jackson.

Keke Palmer in her new video Boyfriend
Keke Palmer in her new video Boyfriend

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However, despite all the love that they shared in their relationship early in July this year Jackosn went all rude and publicly shamed Palmer on Twitter over her dress. Despite Jackson’s messages, Palmer continued posting more of her pictures in the same dress on Instagram with a caption that read “I wish I had taken more pictures….”

Ever since their social media feud Keke Palmer and Darius Jackson were never seen together publicly and are reportedly said to be broken up. Even though the exact reason for their breakup was not officially shared by any of the stars, the split has been confirmed.

Although for the sake of their kid, both Palmer and Jackson are reportedly keeping up with a formal relationship. Also keeping everything aside Nope Stars’ ex is now all set to move on with his life.

Source: People 

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