Nick Cannon is a successful artist who has excelled in the fields of comedy, acting, music, and hosting. As a teenager, Cannon was a part of the rap group Da G4 Dope Bomb Squad and had the opportunity to open up for Will Smith, LFO, 98 Degrees, and Montell Jordan. He made his on-screen debut with Whatever It Takes in 2000 and has been a part of movies including Drumline, Garfield: The Movie, Shall We Dance?, School Dance, and more.

Nick Cannon and Zoe Saldaña
Nick Cannon and Zoe Saldaña | 20th Century Fox

2002’s release of the age-teen comedy-drama movie, Drumline, had Nick Cannon portray the character of a young drummer from New York, Devon Miles. Inspired by a Southwest Dekalb High School drumline, the movie, upon its release, received positive comments from the audience and the critics. The audience praised the musical bands’ and Cannon’s performances. The actor-comedian recalls how Will Smith helped him secure the role.

Nick Cannon credits his first major acting job to Will Smith

Nick Cannon recently appeared on The Pivot, where he did not hesitate to credit Will Smith for making a way and providing various opportunities that eventually contributed to his success. The comedian-actor recalled how Smith is behind him landing the role of Devon Miles for Drumline. He said,

This man gave me my first record deal and gave me my first television deal; people don’t even know this. When it was up between me and another individual from Drumline, he personally made the phone call to the head of the studio and said, ‘This is the person you need to give this job to’.

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon reprised his role of Devon Miles for Drumline: The New Beat | 20th Century Fox

Cannon mentioned that they needed a rapper celebrity for a cameo in the movie, and the makers asked him if he could call Will Smith, to which he said that he might be busy. Petey Pablo made the celebrity rapper’s cameo in the movie. Nick Cannon, however, continued,

He has opened so many doors, but not only has he opened doors. He showed me the power of resilience, the power of hard work and the power of really being a kind individual.

The actor mentioned that whenever Smith walks into the room and is nice to everyone, people assume it’s an act, but it’s not. He is nice to everyone and went on to say that Smith had helped him understand the industry, but described it as a curse and a gift. Nick Cannon added that he dealt with being labeled as the next Will Smith because he wanted to make his path on his terms.

Nick Cannon talks about ‘father’s day plans’ with his 12 children

The comedian-actor shared with People Magazine that he is excited to spend Father’s Day with his kids, adding

It’s one of those days where I get to be on my Ps and Qs the entire day. It’s supposed to be a day where I get to rest, but I want to give all my kids the opportunity to connect and give me gifts and all that type of stuff. It’s a fun day, and I appreciate all the love that I get on that day.

Nick Cannon
Nick Cannon is always thankful to Will Smith for Drumline | 20th Century Fox

The Masked Singer host mentioned to the publication that he loves arts and crafts gifts, pointing out that he is getting a macaroni necklace, a construction paper card, and all the other things that he adores. He partnered with Dr. Squatch and explained that he is excited about the partnership because the idea of the brand is very apt right now.

They got their finger on the pulse of what’s going on with men, specifically how they could take humor mixed with health and merge them together.

Cannon was surprised with his comment that, despite having 12 children, he has never felt overwhelmed as a parent, explaining that it’s an emotion that states that one cannot handle it. He noted that he’s overly energetic when it comes to all the energy coming from the kids. It’s always about the kids, he concludes.

Drumline is available on VOD on Prime Video.

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