Bethenny Frankel has made it clear again that she does not like the Kardashians. The former cast member of The Real Housewives of New York City talked about Kim Kardashian’s use of Photoshop on her social media accounts and explained the devasting toll that her altered images can have on women. 

Bethenny Frankel and Kim Kardashian
Bethenny Frankel talks about Kim Kardashian

Bethenny Frankel criticizes Kim Kardashian for her phony beauty

Frankel talked about Kim Kardashian and her impact on social media, as well as what she thinks about her as a whole. On her podcast called “Just B with Bethenny Frankel,” the TV star criticized Kadarshian for sending the wrong message out to young women by pushing a self-centered, inappropriate agenda. Frankel also stated  that their constant coverage in the news was like “an endless telenovela” and “a disaster circus.”

Bethenny Frankel and Kardashian
Bethenny Frankel criticizes Kim K. for using photoshop

Frankel stated that although she has nothing against Kim Kardashian, she doesn’t like how they push an unrealistic beauty standard. She indicated that they go in for some sort of plastic surgery and then lie about it as much as they can. She continued by saying,

“I don’t want to buy this product anymore, stop it from happening in my life, on my feed, and in the news. Leave me alone while I take care of it. I don’t want to always have to think about that.”

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Has Frankel been correct the whole time?

Frankel continued, “The more women look at these pictures, the more they believe that they’re real.” She also mentioned that it becomes an unattainable standard, neither motivating nor something to strive for. And it can cause eating problems, as well as feelings of insecurity and sadness, and it is not to be taken lightly.

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bethenny frankel
Bethenny Frankel shared a photo of herself in a bikini.

Frankel recently posted pictures of herself and compared what a filtered photo of her looks like to what she “truly looks like” with the people who follow her on Instagram. She captioned the bikini photos with the phrase, “and you know that  I’m not vain and show you the real me.” Frankel said that she doesn’t look anything like this at all, and mentioned that if she published a new version of this every day, then people could start thinking that it’s true.

Frankel referred to social media as “distorted” and came to the following conclusion that there is a difference between trying to look nice and lying about it.

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