Hiro Mashima’s epic shonen Fairy Tail ended after 330 episodes and almost a decade. Fairy Tail took fans on a rollercoaster of emotions with its unique blend of comedy, action, adventure, friendship, loyalty, and storytelling.

Fairy Tail might not be one of the big three animes in the industry, but the story threaded together with compelling characters makes it a well-loved series within the fandom. The series does not offer a complex story but rather focuses on fun adventures and frequently showcases how the power of friendship eclipses everything else in comparison.

Fairy Tail characters
Fairy Tail guild members | Crunchyroll

The series also gave its viewers some shocking revelations interspersed with occasional cliffhangers that made the show more enjoyable. It created a sense of currency among fans to know what would happen next and where the series is headed. Fascinatingly, even Hiro Mashima did not have any clue where the story would end.

Hiro Mashima Did Not Have Any Idea What The Last Scene Of Fairy Tail Would Look Like

Fairy Tail: Natsu and Grey
Fairy Tail: Natsu and Grey | Netflix

In an interview with Hiro Mashima at New York Comic-Con on 25 October 2017, the mangaka revealed that he was sad and lonely at the thought that he didn’t have to work on Fairy Tail anymore, so he started doodling.

In the same interview, the interviewer talked about how many comic book artists or mangakas said that they already knew the last page of the series before they even started working and asked whether Mashima experienced something similar. However, Mashima’s response was quite the contrary. He said:

I honestly didn’t have any idea what the last scene of the story was like in my mind when I started the series. The fact that I didn’t know what was going to happen next was actually the best part of working on this series. For example, when there is a cliffhanger where the characters are in a really tight spot, the fans wonder what is going to happen next? Well, that’s actually my question and I really have to think about it.

Although Hiro Mashima had no clue where the story was going, one of the best things about Fairy Tail is its seamless flow of the narrative and how the revelations always managed to take the viewers by surprise. No matter how big of a cliffhanger the episode ended with, the payoff was always satisfactory.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest Gear For a July 2024 Release

Fairy Tail characters
Fairy Tail: Main Characters | Crunchyroll

Fairy Tail’s much-anticipated sequel series is set to release in July 2024, according to the official website. The website also unveiled an enticing teaser trailer that not only whet the fans’ appetites but also shed light on important information.

Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest will see the return of the series’ five main characters- Natsu Dragneel, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster, Erza Scarlet, and Wendy Marvell- as they embark on a dangerous mission to defeat the five dragon gods whose powers are said to rival those of Acnologia, the formidable opponent Natsu defeated in the original series.

As the anime’s premiere date approaches, fans can expect more updates to be released. The anime adaptation of Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest promises the beginning of a new chapter that has fans brimming with excitement and barely subdued anticipation. With the original voice cast members returning for the sequel, the series will prove to be a memorable experience for the Fairy Tail fans.

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