American actor Wesley Snipes has been in the Hollywood entertainment industry for more than twenty years and has starred in many great movies such as Major League, New Jack City and Jungle Fever. He was 23 years old when he got his debut role in Goldie Hawn’s 1986 sports comedy film Wildcats.

Wesley Snipes has worked with several high-profile actors such as Ryan Reynolds, Tiffany Haddish and Sandra Bullock. One of these actors is Jennifer Lopez who worked with him in the 1995 movie Money Train. Co-stars often don’t get along on the sets of the movies and yet manage to give phenomenal performances. Such was also the case for Money Train co-stars Jennifer Lopez and Wesley Snipes.

Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes

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Wesley Snipes was Rejected by Jennifer Lopez

Working in Hollywood comes with its pros and cons, mostly cons if someone is new to the industry and is unfamiliar with the antics. Jennifer Lopez’s first big role was in the movie Money Train. She played the role of a transit officer Grace Santiago who fell in love with Snipes’ character officer John Robinson.

Jennifer Lopez with Wesley Snipes
Jennifer Lopez with Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes would often take everyone out and drop Lopez at the end of the night. The actress revealed that Snipes would try to kiss her but get rejected every time. The Grammy-winning singer said:

“I’d be like, ‘Wesley, please, I’m not interested in you like that.’ He got really upset about it. His ego was really bruised. He wouldn’t talk to me for two months.”

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Jennifer Lopez was in a committed relationship at the time, so she was obviously going to steer clear of any romantic advances at her from her co-star. Wesley Snipes refused to talk to the Mother actress after her repeated attempts to keep her relationship with him professional but the fact that he tried to force himself on Lopez despite knowing that she has a boyfriend is rather concerning.

Wesley Snipes Made Things Difficult for Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

JLo has never been one to hold back when it comes to the behind-the-scenes drama in Hollywood, especially if someone gets on the wrong foot with her. However, she was relatively new to the industry when she worked with Wesley Snipes and did not know what she should do and what she shouldn’t.

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According to Lopez, she was forced to do a love scene that was later included in the script. She claimed that it was the lead actor who pressurized her into doing it by manipulating her into thinking that refusing to do it would adversely affect her career. The Wedding Planner star claimed that it was a horrible experience for her. Not to mention that she had never done a s*x scene before.

Source: Movieline

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