The sandworm popcorn buckets for Dune 2 are literally gaining everyone’s attention on the internet. From its cast members to Hollywood’s other celebrities, the intriguing bucket has generated buzz leaving Denis Villeneuve with the most hilarious recaton.

 Dune 2
Sandworms in Dune 2

The director of Dune 2 Denis Villeneuve was quite surprised after he learned that the sandworm popcorn buckets have emerged as a viral sensation all over social media platforms. The sandworms of Arrakis are a significant element in the Dune Universe, which was also shown in the 6-minute extended clip for Dune 2.

However, when Villeneuve discovered that these sandworm popcorn buckets are widely discussed among fans and netizens, he shared a notable mixed reaction to it. The director was surprised and a bit shocked to notice the online buzz regarding those fun buckets.

Dune 2 Director Gives The Most Hilarious Reaction To The Sandworn Popcorn Buckets

Promoting films with exciting and fun popcorn buckets is the new trend, and the same has been followed by Timothée Chalamet‘s fast-approaching Dune 2. However, little did the director Denis Villeneuve know that the sandworm popcorn buckets for his film would become such a viral sensation on the internet.

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Sandworm popcorn buckets
Sandworm popcorn buckets (image via X)

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Villeneuve was left surprised and amused after discovering the viral trend and shared his lighthearted reaction in a conversation with Chalamet for the New York Times. The director said:

“I don’t want to make stupid jokes right now that will I regret tomorrow morning. But I will say this. When I saw it, I went, “Hoooooly smokes.” What the f*ck!? At the same time, it created a lot of fun online.”

While everyone on the internet believes the popcorn buckets are fictional creatures we can feed by putting our hands inside them, Denis Villeneuve seemed to have mixed feelings about it. The director believes it’s an “impressive” design that has generated playful jokes on the internet.

The Sandworm Popcorn Bucket For Dune 2 is a Genius Idea For Marketing: Agrees Zendaya

The star-studded cast of Dune 2, including newcomers Florence Pugh and Austin Butler talked bout the intriguing popcorn buckets for their film, and how they are being discussed on the internet. Zendaya, who plays Chani alongside Chalamet’s Paul agreed that this is undeniably a “genius” idea from a marketing perspective.

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Zendaya in Dune 2

According to the reactions of Dune 2 cast members shared by Entertainment Tonight, Zendaya praised the idea by saying:

“From a marketing perspective, I guess it’s kind of genius”.

However, Josh Brolin couldn’t stop from sharing his honest and fun reaction saying “I’m not gonna stick my hand in there! Like, I’m good. I’ll starve.” Since each cast member shared their opinions, Dave Bautista also suggested that the sandworm design was intentional to create a stir.

Apart from the hilarious reactions, Austin Butler expressed excitement and gratitude for working in Dune 2 and experienced filming with Hollywood’s young A-list actors. Florence Pugh, who’s playing another key figure in the film, acknowledged every actor’s work and talent regardless of their age. Dune 2 was originally slated to hit theaters on November 3, 2023, but due to the Hollywood strikes, Chalamet’s film also suffered a delay.

Dune 2 comes out on March 1, 2024.

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