Loki has finally received his most realistic Hot Toys figure which is inspired by Marvel Studios’ series on Disney+. Loki marked the third series of MCU which premiered on Disney+ and it followed this alternate or maybe a “variant” of Loki after he was arrested by the TVA. But unlike others who were pruned, Loki was recruited by Agent Mobius to catch another Loki Variant aka Sylvie.

The series later went on to reveal that the villain is not Sylvie but the TVA themselves, Loki joins his female variant in her mission to take down the TVA. They are eventually lead to the “Void” where we see many other versions of Loki and the Citadel at the End of Time where He Who Remains is revealed to be the true mastermind behind the TVA.


He Who Remains went on to explain to Loki and Sylvie, that they had two options; either to kill him and free the Sacred Timeline and unleash every devil out there or take over his work. The first season of Loki ended very similarly to how it began. And now there is an eternal wait until we see the second season.

Till then, Fans can now go ahead and pre-order Hot Toy’s official Loki and Sylvie figures!

These collectible figures are around 30 cm tall and cost $275 for Loki and $250 for Sylvie. The figures are made so minutely that you can visibly see how perfectly they capture both Tom Hiddleston and Sophia Di Martino sporting their iconic costumes from Loki.

Both the figures come with a themed stand which includes the Time Door backdrop and a slew of interchangeable pieces. Loki comes with a sword which was fire effects, daggers, collar, a computer, tempad, and even reset charge with effects and MISS MINUTES. (such well thought accessories!)

Loki Toy

Sylvie on the other hand comes with her signature blade, tempad, her reset charge, and a pruning stick that has interchangeable ends!

Sylvie Toy

We still do not know if Loki is now in a different TVA or the same one which has been altered. While Loki season 2 is confirmed, Tom Hiddleston is expected to appear in Doctor Strange 2. Surely gonna be madness.

Source: Screenrant

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