The star-studded House of Gucci is around the corner for its release this coming Wednesday, Lady Gaga’s performance as Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci, directed by Ridley Scott has now come under intense scrutiny by some fans.

Lady Gaga’s accent in House of Gucci called more “Russian than Italian” By Fans

Lady Gaga in House of Gucci
Lady Gaga in House of Gucci

The singer and Academy Award-winning actor stated that she had opted to stay in the character for the whole shoot, which actually went on to help her in mastering her Italian accent. However, many fans disagree with the authenticity and accuracy of her portrayal while many fans blast her for sounding more like Russian despite the actress’ claims that she has nailed the role.

Talking about the film itself, the critics have already started terming it as a success, labeling it as a strong contender for next year’s awards, with many Ridley Scott fans even claiming that it will completely sweep the board.

HOUSE OF GUCCI | Official Trailer | MGM Studios

However, one must agree that Lady Gaga’s “Father, son and House of Gucci” line is so far the most memorable one from the footage, and even more so, the marketing of the film, with Lady Gaga herself admitting while talking to Variety that she ended up improvising the soundbite that remained as a part of the cultural lexicon long after we had forgotten about the film it came from.

Here’s what Lady Gaga said:

“I used to do it in the trailer all the time. … I was doing it in the trailer, and something about that scene when we were doing it felt right, and we did it. It’s a testament to Ridley Scott as a director, because uses the stuff, he uses the creativity, he uses the love.”

While many fans are curious to see if Lady Gaga bags yet another Oscar for this role that not many seem to gel well along but to say the least, she has already spawned a thousand memes on the internet – which is actually good for the overall marketing of the film.

Even director Ridley Scott has defended Lady Gaga’s accent in the film

Ridley Scott
Ridley Scott

“She had the cadence of an Italian accent,” Scott told me at the film’s Los Angeles premiere on Thursday night. “She had that cadence down, and also the rhythm of an Italian accent. Her accent is not Russian. Same with Al [Pacino] and same with Jared [Leto]. They all got the rhythm of an Italian accent. She should not be criticized. She did the rhythm all day at home and off the set. She even got me to speak with an Italian cadence!”

Even Giannina Facio, Ridley’s wife and the producer on House of Gucci, also presented her views on the matter. “She may be American Italian, but her roots are Italian. So I think her Italian accent came naturally,” said Facio on the arrivals carpet at the L.A. premiere. “But the critics are wrong! That dialect coach is wrong. They are absolutely wrong. I’m three-fourths Italian, and I can tell a fake Italian accent—and her accent is perfect. The critics should go to school and find out because they are wrong about that.”

House of Gucci will hit the theaters next week.

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