House of the Dragon, the dramatic prequel to Game of Thrones, has everyone talking. Season 1 was packed with fighting and political backstabbing, but it’s the wild rumors about Aemond Targaryen in Season 2 that really have fans riled up. This new theory could totally change the story and make House of the Dragon a truly epic show.

A still from House of the Dragon Season 2
A still from House of the Dragon Season 2 (Credits: HBO)

What if Aegon Targaryen’s children aren’t actually his? It is believed that Aemond might actually be the father of his brother’s children. The show has sprinkled a few clues that make this seem possible.

Prince Aemond Might Be Father of Aegon II Targaryen’s Children

Prince Aemond in House of the Dragon
Prince Aemond in House of the Dragon (Credits: HBO)

House of the Dragon is a hit, but a surprising truth about Aemond Targaryen could make it even more popular! The creators might be hiding clues about a big secret, just like they did with Jon Snow’s parents in Game of Thrones. This could make the story more exciting and the characters more interesting.

Prince Aemond (played by Ewan Mitchell) has come across as rash and hungry for power. But what if there’s more to him? A secret life as a father could change everything. Imagine if Aemond has hidden kids! This would explain why he’s so fiercely loyal to his brother Aegon (played by Tom Glynn-Carney). Maybe it’s not just blood, but a secret family Aemond needs to protect.

Think Jon Snow in Game of Thrones, finding out his whole life was a lie. Aemond could face a similar turning point. The question is: would he chase the Iron Throne or shield his family from the dangers of Westeros? This secret fatherhood could be Aemond’s greatest strength or biggest weakness.

The Reason Prince Aemond Fathers Aegon’s Children

Prince Aegon and Prince Aemond
Prince Aegon and Prince Aemond in a still from House of the Dragons (Credits: HBO)

The theory relies on two main points. The night his father, King Viserys, died, Aegon was nowhere near his wife, Helaena. This cast doubt on the closeness of their marriage and intimacy between them.

Then there’s Aegon’s younger brother, Prince Aemond. A fighter known for his ambition, Aemond seems like a natural contender for the throne himself. Yet, he’s thrown his full support behind Aegon. The loyalty is a bit too good to be true. Why would a power-hungry prince like Aemond just hand over the throne for his brother so loyally, unless there was a deeper reason?

If true, this shocking news could tear the Targaryen family apart even more. Aegon’s right to the Iron Throne depends on his children being legitimate heirs. Uncertainty about their true parents could completely disrupt who gets to be in charge next.

The Dance of the Dragons, the brutal civil war is about to get even messier. What started as a family feud is turning into a full-blown war, with powerful houses forced to pick sides. Old friendships will break apart, and the whole kingdom is descending into chaos. New faces with secret agendas will join the fray, making the struggle even more unpredictable. With this, it becomes even more impossible to guess who will end up ruling on the Iron Throne.

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