English actor-singer Tom Glynn-Carney’s rapid rise in Hollywood can be attributed to his early career decisions and being identified by the right people who saw his potential. One of these defining roles was in Christopher Nolan’s critically acclaimed war movie, Dunkirk. The movie not only proved his acting skills but also gave him exposure that eventually helped his career.

Cillian Murphy and Tom Glynn-Carney in Dunkirk
Cillian Murphy and Tom Glynn-Carney in Dunkirk | Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

After Dunkirk, Carney has appeared in multiple movies and TV shows like Tolkien, The King, The Book of Clarence, The Last Post, House of the Dragon, and many more. Among them, House of the Dragon was the show that made him known to a wider audience, as he now prepares for the launch of its next installment.

Tom Glynn-Carney’s Early Team up With Christopher Nolan Could Be Beneficial

Christopher Nolan
Christopher Nolan | Credits: Wikimedia Commons/HellaCinema

Dunkirk was based on the Second World War, and Glynn-Carney played the character of Peter, who assisted in the rescue of the soldiers on the beaches of Dunkirk. The movie was a hit, and critics praised Nolan’s direction, script, and the performances by the cast.

Christopher Nolan is known for his methodical approach and eye for detail. Working with him was definitely a valuable experience for Glynn-Carney. Nolan’s movies are mostly character-driven and intense, which was evident in Carney’s portrayal of Peter. The experience from that role helped him with respect to his future characters as well.

It is no secret that Nolan loves to cast actors and technicians with whom he has worked before. Michael Caine is one example of someone who has appeared in many Nolan movies, like The Dark Knight trilogy, Inception, Interstellar, and Tenet. Another example is Cillian Murphy, who has appeared in six Nolan movies – Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, Dunkirk, and Oppenheimer.

Tom Hardy is another actor who appeared in Inception, The Dark Knight Rises, and Dunkirk. Other than actors, Nolan repeats his production staff as well. Music composer Hans Zimmer is an example.

Based on Nolan’s past experience of re-casting, it can be expected that Carney might be featured in future Nolan productions, as the bond of trust and understanding is important for the legendary director. From Dunkirk to House of the Dragon, Carney’s path shows how initial decisions and important partnerships impact an actor’s position.

In the Game of Thrones prequel, Carney plays Aegon II Targaryen, who is one of the main characters in the Targaryen Civil War, aka Dance of the Dragons. The role requires a combination of charm, intensity, and versatility, which are qualities that Glynn-Carney has developed in his acting over the years.

Tom Glynn-Carney Teases His Character Arc in House of the Dragon Season 2

House of the Dragon Season 2
House of the Dragon Season 2 | via <Max YouTube

House of the Dragon star Tom Glynn-Carney, who portrays Aegon II Targaryen in the show, has shared some teasers about the upcoming second season of the HBO series. In a conversation with Entertainment Tonight, Carney revealed that in the upcoming season, viewers will see Aegon II having a purpose for his actions. His character will be,

Finding [his] feet.. getting to grips with what it is to step into the shoes of the king, wear the crown, sit on the iron throne — and actually have purpose… We see Aegon, for the first time ever, have purpose.

The first season ended with the Black and Green Councils seeking power over the Iron Throne. Aegon II, with the support of the Green Council, finds himself in a vulnerable position as his right to the throne is challenged by his half-sister Rhaenyra Targaryen.

Talking about the wish to see his character become the king, Carney said,

My name is on the lease for the castle. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — it’s just more fun being king! So I’m going to fight for it.

In the conversation with Entertainment Tonight, showrunner Ryan Condal also mentioned that season 2 will have some of the franchise’s greatest fight scenes and is set to become a treat for fans of the George R.R. Martin universe.

House of the Dragon Season 2 will premiere on June 16, 2024, on HBO and Max.

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