Matt Smith the star of House of the Dragon can now be the new add-on in the Marvel Cinemas. After things between Adam Driver and Marvel Studio didn’t seem to work out, Matt Smith is all set to take over his role. In the recent turns of events, rumors of Matt Smith will be cast for playing the role of Mr. Fantastic in the upcoming Fantastic Four movie have found its way to social media.

Matt Smith to replace Adam Drive
Matt Smith

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Matt Smith said to replace Adam Driver in the upcoming MCU movie

As per the reports Matt Smith is rumored to be playing the role of Mr Fantastic in the upcoming movie Fantastic Four. Marvel studio has been on a roll with its ambitious expansion into the realm of streaming with the House of the Dragon star Matt Smith as Reed Richards in their upcoming reboot of Fantastic Four Movie. Even though there has not been an official announcement about this news yet, the Twitter post hinting at Matt Smith replacing Adam Driver has created a buzz all across the internet.

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Matt Smith in House of Dragons
Matt Smith in House of Dragons

The rumors regarding the casting of the Fantastic Four have kept MCU fans on the edge of their seat from the very start. These rumors also ignited a war on the internet early this week. Fans started voting between Adam Driver and Matt Smith, in which majority of the social media users wish Adam Driver to be officially cast in the MCU movies. However, the rumors of Matt Smith replacing Drive have petrified many fans.

Why did Adam Driver exit from the reboot of Fantastic Four?

After long talks between Marvel Studios and Adam Driver, things didn’t seem to work out as reports of Driver quitting his role have been surfacing around. During a recent interview with The Hot Mic Podcast, Jeff Sneider talked about the reason why Driver is no longer a part of the movie. Sneider confirmed that things didn’t work out become of financial reasons.

He said “When I asked someone about Fantastic Four, they said…like I said it comes down to money, so I think Adam Driver may have priced himself out. That may have been the situation. He may have just started asking for too much money.”

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Adam Driver
Adam Driver

Apart from this Sneider also talked about other potential reasons as to why the Driver has decided to walk out of this movie. Talking about it he said that another reason for this walkout will be that, Adam Driver did not want to work in the movie if Margot Robbie was not a part of it. He was very adamant about her playing the role of Sue Storm in this project.

Even though there has not been any official confirmation of Matt Smith’s casting in the movie the rumors themselves have created a storm across Twitter with everyone talking about the movie.

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