Jackie Chan can be called a real-life superhero who has super-healing strength from severe injuries. It is still surprising how he could overcome major injuries in the course of his career as an actor and martial artist. There is no doubt that the actor has suffered severe bone-breaking accidents in his career and keeps coming back stronger than ever. One of Chan’s dangerous accidents that occurred in 1986 cracked his skull, resulting in a permanent hole in his head.

Jackie Chan’s near-fatal stunt left a hole in his head

Jackie Chan Punching pose
Jackie Chan

It was during the shooting of the movie Armour of God in 1986 that Jackie Chan met his most life-threatening accident, which left a hole in his head. In 2017 at Yahoo! Entertainment he expounded on the tragedy that almost took his life.

In a particular scene of the movie, he was to perform a daring stunt, chugging and foaming beer before making a daring jump to a tree and bending over a wall, allowing him to escape. He initially made it on the first attempt, but the martial star wasn’t satisfied with the pace and precision, so he decided to try it again.

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A still of Jackie Chan in Armour of God
Jackie Chan in Armour of God (1986)

Consequently, to bring more realism to the scene, the actor, who was supposed to drink foamy beer, drank actual beer. However, the critical moment occurred when the actor, while trying to leap into the tree, heard a snap and realized that he was falling from the tree. He finally got his head struck by a rock, causing severe brain damage.

The injury he caused was acute enough that it broke his bones, ankle, jaw, and superciliary bone. He needed a prosthetic to cover the hole created in his brain. This means we cannot directly touch Chan’s brain; there is a noticeable hole in his head as a result of the contusion. Thankfully, the resilient actor successfully recovered and remarkably continued his journey to entertain audiences with his incredible stunts and feats.

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Jackie Chan’s Resilient Rise Over 150 Films

After the 1986 movie, guess what? The actor similarly encountered many serious injuries, and they just became part of his life. Over the course of his career, Chan broke nearly 10 bones, one of which occurred while he was filming the 1995 movie Rumble in the Bronx.

He was affected by severe spinal damage from falling from a pole in the Police Story and, unfortunately, a cheekbone dislocation in its reboot. He also met with many injuries from Dragon Fist, Young Master, and Project A (1983).

Jackie Chan smiling
Jackie Chan

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Even after very fatal breaks, the willingness and dedication of the actor always make him bounce back stronger than ever, forging an illustrious career with more than 150 films.  As we know now, his epic, deadly adventure has come to an end. Knowing he has survived the worst of the worst, the actor can now look back on his remarkable journey with pride.

Source: Yahoo! Entertainment


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