When it comes to Marvel and the Disney+ series from Phase 4, fans have been more critical than ever. CGI has become one of the most contentious topics since viewers are becoming aware of and vocal about its errors. Thor: Love and Thunder, the most recent MCU film, has not been an exception to that pattern. Moviegoers have been quick to criticize Love and Thunder’s digital work for a variety of reasons. These complaints include the scenery, the action scenes, and the CGI characters.

The main points of contention revolve around how the MCU typically handles its visual storytelling and how frequently it makes use of digital effects. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, was a deluge of special effects with very nothing to offer in terms of theatrical appeal.

Marvel is facing CGI issues in Phase 4

Marvel Phase 4
Marvel Phase 4

The MCU has its share of detractors, and it’s understandable why audiences might be wary of similar-looking CGI-fueled romps. Marvel is currently experiencing a sort of monoculture, which has sparked a lot of debate about how the company has handled its Phase 4 films, which have frequently been criticized for being aimless or fragmented.

Thor: Love and Thunder, starring Natalie Portman as Thor, Christian Bale as Gorr, and Taika Waititi providing his trademark comedic touches, was meant to be the movie’s savior. Additionally, it is said that the movie cost between $185 and $200 million to produce.

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Recent Marvel projects that seem to display bad CGI, including Thor 4

MCU Phase 4 Movies
MCU Phase 4 Movies

The MCU’s story-building is clearly suffering in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame. The franchise’s reliance on CGI reached a high as it expanded.

Viewers have even gone so far as to remark that MCU programs like Moon Knight and WandaVision are fine as long as they don’t focus on superheroes but rather on everyday human interactions.

This same complaint has been leveled against previous MCU releases, including the third and fourth Thor movies. The latest CGI outrage has by far been the toughest critic of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

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What is the cause behind these errors being faced?

Marvel VFX Supervisor Jake Morrison on the set of Thor: Ragnarok
Marvel VFX Supervisor Jake Morrison on the set of Thor: Ragnarok

The CGI in Marvel didn’t appeal to the audience. As they believe it is not up to Marvel standards. The scene where Axl, the son of Heimdall, attempts to use his newfound powers, has extremely basic visual effects applied, that Twitter users even compared to a scene from a TV show that aired in 1993.

It seems to be that Marvel underpays its visual effects team after a tweet from a former member of Marvel’s VFX team had come out with the claim. Apparently, the billion-dollar industry seems too poor of heart to pay the legends that carry the visuals of Marvel movies.

Many people have reportedly demanded to never again work with Marvel since they have “one of the worst VFX managements out there” according to an article in The Gamer. In severe circumstances, long-term burnout and negative mental health repercussions have forced artists to completely leave the animation industry.

Here are a few tweets regarding the reaction of Twitter after the release of the movie:

Will Marvel revive its respect in the eyes of its followers and start respecting its VFX teams enough to pay them a fair wage? Or will they gloss over this problem and keep underpaying these legends? What are your thoughts?

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