The MCU is really great at setting things up well in advance. Atlantis was teased way back in Iron Man 2, and Namor would only arrive 12 years after that. Just like that, several other MCU characters will have setups that connect to the events of the past. Mysterio was tied to Captain America: Civil War. The Vulture was rooted in The Avengers. And we’ve got a new theory suggesting something similar for Doctor Doom. The Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom are coming to the MCU for sure. But they won’t debut with each other this time around.


A recent scoop from FandomWire suggested that Doctor Doom will make his MCU debut in Black Panther II. They wrote that he’d be the one pulling the strings from behind the scenes. He won’t have a major involvement throughout the film, but he’d still show up in his “full Doctor Doom armor.” Even though Marvel won’t follow the tradition of Dr. Doom and Fantastic Four, Doom “will eventually meet up with Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm at some point in the future.”

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FandomWire further reported that Namor and Atlantis will be going up against Wakanda in Black Panther II. So, it sort of obvious that Doctor Doom will be the one to manipulate Namor against Black Panther and Wakanda. Keeping this in mind, we’d like to pitch the MCU origins of Doctor Doom, which could be tied all the way back to Avengers: Age of Ultron.


We all saw how Sokovia went for a ride in Age of Ultron. The nation was absolutely decimated as Ultron turned it into an artificial meteor. The only thing left of it was nothing but dust and metal. The MCU showed us how things went by after Sokovia. The UN came up with a Superhuman Registration Act, aka the Sokovia Accords. Then the Avengers split up, and everything else followed. But what the MCU did not focus upon is Sokovia. We never got to see how the fictional country was rebuilt, and there’s probably a reason behind that.

Doom, the Savior of Sokovia

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According to a new theory, Sokovia was aided by a generous/power-hungry individual. While the world went on with their business, one man made it his goal to help the Sokovians. This man is none other than Victor von Doom. The Sokovians saw this move of Doom as generosity and accepted him as the new leader of the nation. But Doom being the power-hungry villain, probably saw an opportunity in helping the grieving Sokovians.

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Doctor Doom is the ruler of a nation called Latveria. In the comics, Latveria and Sokovia are two fictional countries that are very close to Bulgaria. But the MCU could make a little change to this. Instead of making Latveria a separate nation, they could just turn Sokovia into Latveria. Imagine the following scenario:

– After the Avengers blew Sokovia into a million pieces, Victor von Doom helped in rebuilding the country.

– Being elected as the new leader of the nation, he could have officially changed the name of Sokovia to Latveria.

– This could have been a move to forget the horrors of the past and move towards a new light.

Why Did Doom Choose Sokovia?


Now that we’ve defined how Latveria would come into play, let’s look at why Victor von Doom specifically chose Sokovia as his target. The first reason for that is the vulnerability of the Sokovians. Every Sokovian who survived Ultron’s attack was perhaps in a dire need of help. The whole nation needed rebuilding, and von Doom could have played a sizable role in that. So, it was easy for Doom to gain control.

The second reason could be the former presence of Hydra within Sokovia. Baron von Strucker conducted his experiments on Sokovian test subjects. Why was that? Last year, Marvel released a new book called “The Wakanda Files: A Technological Exploration of the Avengers and Beyond.” This MCU canon book revealed that Strucker conducted his experiments on Sokovians because a high frequency of them possessed “genetic anomalies.” Now, these anomalies could be our first hint at the “X-Gene” that is common amongst mutants. The gamma rays from the Mind Stone unlocked Wanda and Pietro’s X-Genes. Similarly, one of the three snaps that took place on Earth could have unlocked the X-Genes of more Sokovians. So as of now, Doom could practically be supported by an army of mutants.

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The third reason why Doom targeted Sokovia was because of Strucker and Ultron’s research. Doom could have uncovered their tech and researches from the rubble. The destroyed Ultron bots could have provided the technology for the infamous Doombots of the comics.

Doctor Doom’s Efforts to Make Latveria Great

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After turning Sokovia to Latveria, Doom could have been collecting technologies and weapons throughout the world. He could have taken control of Hydra’s networks. The Hydra agent who took a sample of Darren Cross’s shrinking tech could have been working for Doom. We still don’t know who hired Crossbones to acquire the bio-weapon in Captain America: Civil War. What if it was Doom? The identity of Sonny Burch’s benefactor is also a mystery to date. This benefactor, who was after Hank Pym’s lab could easily be Doctor Doom. Who knows what kinds of technologies Doom could have acquired to date?!

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Once Doom gained control over Sokovia/Latveria, his goal could have been to make the Latveria the most powerful nation. Ever since Wakanda opened up to the rest of the world, Doom knew that this could be the only nation that could stand in his way. Hence, his manipulation of Namor and Atlantis seems to be on point. He could pull off a move that’s quite similar to what Baron Zemo did in Civil War, or Lex Luthor did in Batman V Superman. But their plans were criticized for having certain flaws. That’s where Doom could excel, and have a remarkable start as MCU’s next big bad. This kind of a beginning could really turn him into the greatest villain the MCU has ever seen. Fox has screwed Doctor Doom thrice, but not anymore!!

What do you think about this long and elaborate theory? Do tell us in the comments down below.

Partial Source: Screen Rant


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