The oddest thing to happen to that beloved grouch J.J.J. has been his transformation from a true Spider-Man hater into one of Spidey’s most steadfast pals. With word that actor J.K. Simmons has already filmed another appearance as Jameson in an upcoming Spider-Man film, there has never been a better moment to go over the character’s recent history. While Spider-Man can’t seem to get a break in Marvel Comics (we’re looking at you, Doctor Octopus), J. Jonah Jameson hasn’t had it easy either. With the loss of both his wife and his father, as well as a recent career history that can only be described as “erratic,” Jameson appears to be clinging to Peter Parker for some kind of purpose in life. So let’s take a look at how J.J.J. went from calling Spider-Man a “menace” to becoming one of the first people on the hero’s phone list.

8. He Joined The Parker Family When His Dad Married Aunt May:


J. Jonah Jameson hasn’t just been a thorn in the side of Spider-Man, but of Peter Parker, as well. Since his debut appearance in 1963’s Amazing Spider-Man # 1, Jameson has been a sourpuss, both as Peter’s employer at the Daily Bugle and outside of it. And when his estranged father, John Jonah Jameson Sr., resurfaced after decades away, only to get engaged to Parker’s Aunt May, J.J.J. was irritated. However, Jameson finally accepted his father’s engagement to May, as he ended up paying for and officiating the wedding in Amazing Spider-Man # 600, despite the fact that being connected to that puny Parker made him ill. When questioned by a local reporter if the big wedding, which included lighting, the use of a public park, and Fashion Week tents, was paid for by the municipal budget, J.J.J. shyly answered, “Of… course… not…” Never change, Jonah. Never, ever change.

7. He Tried Trusting Spider-Man, Unaware That His Body Was Hijacked By Doctor Octopus:


It’s no surprise that Jameson only became interested in Spider-Man once Otto Octavius, AKA Doctor Octopus, swapped identities with Peter Parker and began dispensing a more severe brand of justice. For a while, the duo maintained an uneasy partnership, until the circumstances surrounding the death of Alistaire Smythe, the supervillain who killed Marla Jameson. Smythe fled captivity shortly before he was to be executed, as is customary in comic books. Jameson eventually told Octavius to kill Smythe, a conversation Octavius taped to use against Jameson later, which he did prudently. However, all did not work out for Jameson in the end, as Octavius’ Spider-Man coerced Jameson into handing him the island prison known as the Raft. The precarious connection between Jameson and Spider-Man ended then, and the wall crawler returned to becoming the “menace” Jameson had always suspected him to be. Eventually, Jameson would quit as mayor, a position he never seemed particularly well-suited for in the first place.

6. He Started A Blog Solely Devoted To Bashing Spider-Man:


J. Jonah Jameson wanted to start over after the highs of becoming the mayor of New York City and one of the faces of a national news network. J.J.J.’s blog, Threats & Menaces: Truth You Can Trust From J. Jonah Jameson, comes into play. It would seem painful to plummet so low from such tremendous heights, but our trusty fact hound, Jonah, handled it all in stride. Jameson may be seen puffing himself up in the pages of Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man # 3 while composing yet another fake Spider-Man narrative for his online admirers. He’d be writing to his internet followers, if he had any. In one of the comic book’s articles, he has only one remark-and it’s a spam ad about how to make money from home. Jonah needs to improve his SEO.

5. He Found Out Who Spider-Man Really Is In A One-On-One Interview:


After extorting money from Peter in return for information on the location of Peter’s sister, Teresa, Jameson finally had the chance to sit down and interview that threatening Spider-Man in Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man # 6. The conversation began lightheartedly – after all, this is the witty Spider-Man – with the pair chowing down on some lasagna, but things rapidly became serious. From the moment Jameson attempted to murder Spider-Man to Jameson’s extortion at the hands of the Superior Spider-Man, the two traded accusing barbs until Jameson eventually broke down in tears. He’d lost a number of jobs and family members in the years since he first appeared on the scene. Jameson screamed, “I’ve lost everything!” after detailing everything he’d lost. “The I-interview is finished! I’ve got—I’ve got—I’ve got—I’ve got—I’ve got—I’ve got—I’ve got—I’ve got—I’ve got—I’ve got—I’ve got—I’ve got—I’ve got—you are the victor. ” When Peter saw a guy he’d known for years at his lowest moment, he removed his disguise to show J.J.J. that he was not alone. Peter had complete faith in him.

4. He Was Forgiven By Peter Parker For Years Of Harassment:


Flash Thompson, a long-time supporting character, was killed during the mayhem that erupted when Jameson revealed Spider-identity Man to Norman Osborn. Jonah took Osborn’s death and everything else that occurred to him personally, because he was the one who disclosed the major truth. After Flash’s burial in Amazing Spider-Man # 800, Peter went over to Jameson to mend fences and cheer him up at Aunt May’s request. However, Peter did not just forgive Jameson for disclosing his identity. No, Jonah received a completely new start from Peter, who ended up absolving J.J.J. of every single act of hatred he perpetrated against Spider-Man or Peter throughout the years. It was a poignant moment between two beloved characters who had never really been on the same page-until this heartfelt discussion-in decades of comics.

3. He Tried To Assist Spider-Man’s Crime-Fighting After Years Of Antagonism:


Jameson, a figure who has traditionally functioned as hostile comedic relief, continued this through line in his newfound mission to aid Spider-crime-fighting Man’s efforts. Did Peter Parker really require J. Jonah Jameson’s assistance in dealing with the never-ending swarm of evildoers? Most likely not, but it’s always amusing to see the inept and self-righteous J.J.J. try to be Spider-sidekick Man after years of trashing him in the press. In Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man Annual # 1, Jameson interrupted a radio broadcast in an attempt to persuade Spider-Man to halt a bank heist by the Shocker… a bank robbery that Ms. Marvel had already prevented in progress. Why did Jameson believe Peter would listen to the radio when he wasn’t answering his phone calls? Who are we to judge? But at the very least, he was attempting to assist! Spidey.

2. He Helped Spider-Man Fight The Totem-Slaying Morlun:


Morlun, the vampiric Spider-rogues Man’s gallery member, has to be one of the craziest members of Spider-rogues Man’s gallery. This eternal, dimension-hopping evil has the ability to fly and track beings over great distances. He also consumes the life power of “Spider-Totems” such as Peter Parker and Cindy Moon. Morlun, who was never one to stay gone for long, returned to torment Peter during the 2018 Spider-Man crossover event “Spider-Geddon.” Symbolizing how far their relationship had progressed in recent years, Peter contacted Jonah while battling Morlun, instructing J.J.J. to go to Peter’s apartment and get his Dimensional Travel Watch in order to summon reinforcements from the Spider-Verse. Even after Morlun destroyed the watch, Jonah continued to assist Peter in his struggle by attempting to enlist the assistance of the police-not that they’d be any match for a superpowered entity like Morlun.

1. He Got A New Job At A Website Where He Tried To Clear Spider-Man’s Name:


Jonah ended up joining a clickbait website in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man # 38 in 2020, the same day Spider-Man participated in a secret mission to retrieve S.H.I.E.L.D. technology and take down Pluto by stealing a bank that was actually one of their fronts. Jonah couldn’t believe his good friend Spider-Man had turned evil, so he tracked him down and demanded an explanation for why the ol ‘webslinger had gone black. Peter was able to calm him down and send him on his way, but he should’ve seen what happened next. J.J.J. returned to his new workplace and published an essay headlined “Spider-Man Just Saved Us All From A S.H.I.E.L.D. Cover-Up.” This is why. ” The words “secret mission” appear to have slipped from Jameson’s mind.

So yes, this is how J. Jonah Jameson went from disliking Spider-Man to becoming Peter Parker’s Modest Best Friend. Well, to be honest, JJJ is really a menace when it comes to hating Spidey. But eventually, he became a fan favorite for a couple of times when he became our friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man’s best friend. In the movies, J. Jonah Jameson is played by J K Simmons thus making us fans love his character even more though we hate JJJ. So what do you guys think? Do you like JJJ?    Please let us know your valuable thoughts in the comments section below. Till then, keep reading Animated Times, the perfect place to get a closer look at the entertainment industry, upcoming movies, TV series, celebrity gossip, and much more. We’ll have you covered. Keep reading animated times, guys, for more.

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