Making it in Hollywood is a big deal. Making it big in Hollywood has more to do with a person’s luck than their hard work. Avengers: Age of Ultron star, Aaron Taylor-Johnson had both those things happen to him and he is now one of the most remarkable actors in the entertainment industry.

But the Tenet star’s rise to fame has been gradual. And from what he has said, it was a conscious decision to be thoughtful in the choices he makes as an artist in the industry. Not grabbing with both hands is rare in a place like Hollywood. But Taylor-Johnson had his reasons. And in a recent interview, he revealed them all.

Aaron Taylor Johnson: The Family Man

Aaron Taylor Johnson
Aaron Taylor Johnson

In a detailed interview right before the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes began, Aaron Taylor Johnson reflected on his journey as an actor. For a long period of his life, Taylor Johnson’s priority was not his acting career. Even as opportunities repeatedly presented themselves, he didn’t place that much importance on them. He revealed that what seems to be the defining moments of his career, wasn’t that remarkable to him in reality. They were overshadowed by more significant things.

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Aaron Taylor Johnson with his wife Sam Taylor Johnson
Aaron Taylor Johnson with his wife Sam Taylor Johnson

As he mentions,

“There was Kick-Ass, and then there was Godzilla and Avengers, and all those things lined up for me. But I didn’t really care for them. [I was up for the roles] that nobody knows about — big, huge franchises that were in play. I wanted, purely, to be with my babies. I didn’t want to be taken away from them. I battled with what that would be like. I would say I was probably not ready to be in that position anyway — it was too early. But yeah, I also slightly didn’t give a f–k.”

The actor rose to prominence through the Kick-Ass movies and then featured in Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, in subsequent years. But he was more focused on his marriage with filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson and their two children.

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Aaron Taylor Johnson’s Remarkable Comeback to the MCU

Aaron Taylor Johnson as Kraven the Hunter
Aaron Taylor Johnson as Kraven the Hunter

It certainly can’t be said that prioritizing family life over a big career has prevented Taylor Johnson from making it big. After special and sporadic appearances and cameos in the MCU movies, the actor has found his way back to the MCU, and this time he is carrying the whole project on his back.

Unbeknownst to no one, the Godzilla star is now featured as a lead in the MCU Supervillain centered on the supervillain from Spider-Man comics. Kraven The Hunter has long been in the works and fans are abuzz with anticipation.

Kraven The Hunter‘s theatrical release is set to be on August 30, 2024.

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Source: Esquire

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