As Logan Paul and Dillon Danis’s fight approaches, things are heating up between the renowned MMA fighter and the YouTuber. And this time with a fiery faceoff, Dillon Danis made a surprising claim to safeguard Logan Paul’s wealth and ward off a massive loss.

MMA fighter Dillon Danis
Dillon Danis

Everybody is curious about the October fight between Logan Paul and Dillo Danis. The two famous personalities have locked horns and it just keeps getting intense. A fresh faceoff video of Logan Paul and Dillon Danis came out which is going viral all over social media platforms.

Dillon Danis Vows to Protect Logan Paul’s Wealth Despite Their Fight

Logan Paul and Dillon Danis Fight
Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis

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Dillon Danis and Paul brothers have been in warfare for a time. The former MMA fighter is quite active on his X (earlier Twitter) account where he posts pictures and videos to bring more heat before the fight, Logan Paul tries his best to keep calm and refuses to react to posts relating to his fiancée. But this time in their all-new faceoff, Danis said something like night and day. MMA fighter claimed that he wanted to help Paul save his wealth and prevent a massive loss he might suffer in the future:

“I am helping you out bro, I’m bro coding you”

Danis in this faceoff, claimed he was saving Logan Paul’s wealth he has now and implied to Paul’s fiancee that the wrestler would eventually get divorced from Nina Agdal after marriage and Paul would end up losing his handsome Net Worth. Dillon Danis in the DZN Boxing faceoff said:

“They’re going to be divorced in a year or two, So I’m trying to help you. Have you signed a prenup?”

Logan started off by saying that it wasn’t a shocker for him to understand that his fiancée had boyfriends before. Paul even claimed that his fiancée is an angel and Danis’ words did not make him against Nina Agdal. Logan Paul’s fiancée is often a subject of Danis’ X posts, where he posts fake and some real clips and pictures of Agdal to let Logan Pau know. But despite Danis’ shaming Agdal, Paul and his Nina Agdal are on good terms.

Nina Agdal Filed a Massive Lawsuit Against Dillon Danis

Loga Pauls' fiancee Nina Agdal
Nina Agdal

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Nina Agdal threw a cyber gauntlet at the Bellator MMA star. Dillon Danis has been quite active on his X (earlier Twitter) account, posting about Logan Paul’s fiancée. Danis’ posts become controversial soon after he posts them and ignite a lot of heat in their fight. Agdal filed a case against Danis under the federal revenge p*rn statute of the 2022 Violence Against Women Act for the non-consensual publishing of her pictures that featured full frontal nudity.

Danis once in a video even claimed that he has more extremely explicit content of Agdal with him, and if he posts that the fight between the two famous personalities will end. Nina Agdal considered this as a campaign of cyber harassment and bullying thereby seeking a restraining order and prison time for Dillon Danis. Her lawsuit also included paying penalties of up to 150k for each picture posted on the internet. Dillon Danis is fighting Logan Paul the co-founder of PRIME energy drink, 28, in Manchester on October 14.

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Source: DAZN Boxing 

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