Kim Kardashian makes headlines once again for her contribution toward the major carbon emissions of 2022. The celebrity lifestyle gives them the luxury of traveling in style. The Kardashians, even though they say they care about important things in the world, do not live up to it. Their hypocrisy is one of the reasons that they are still a sensitive topic to bring up in conversations.

As many have come to know the family for the celebrity drama that they crave, Kim Kardashian would certainly make the top of that list within her own family. Considering just how crucial she has been to all the celebrity drama of 2022. As if dating a comedian who is known to struggle with depression, only to leave him as he receives more harassment from her ex is not enough for the headlines. The problems that she creates with this luxury lifestyle that she leads has also started to take the spotlight in a major way.

Kim Kardashian’s carbon emissions through her private jet

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

We even have exact figures to know how the Kardashian has left a mark on the planet. She is definitely a leading figure within this year’s top polluters list. A report published by Yard, a digital marketing firm revealed “So far this year, Kim [Kardashian]’s jet emitted 4268.5 tonnes of carbon emissions over 57 flights: 609.8 times more than the average person emits in a year.”

“Kim [Kardashian]’s jet has an average flight time of 85.49 minutes, for an average journey length of 99.78 miles.” These numbers were generated in the report published on 29th July. However, Kim Kardashian is not alone in this act, as Kylie Jenner is not far behind on the list of top polluters. Yard even included The Kardashians star in the list of worst “celebrity [carbon dioxide emissions] offenders.”

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Kim Kardashian seems to pick and choose what she wants to do about climate change

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian stated “I do what I can, but you have to pick and choose what really works for you in your life. No one’s going to be 100 percent perfect.” 

This was said during her conversation about The Interview’s cover story. “I believe in climate change, and I believe that anything can help. I have super climate change-involved friends, and I love learning from them.” The fashionista has given a weak justification for her actions. Saying that not everyone can live up to the movement to stop climate change with a hundred percent efficiency.

However, just because humans are known to be full of flaws does not excuse one from attempting the goal of perfection. Kim Kardashian should have great knowledge when it comes to achieving perfection. Considering the struggles she has gone for attaining her beauty and figure. This is why her justification falls flat as it goes against everything the Kardashian has been doing for herself up until now.

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Living life in anxiety of a planet heating up is not important enough for the fashionista

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

“I also believe in being realistic and I think sometimes there’s so much to worry about on this planet. And it can be really scary to live your life with anxiety.” Kim Kardashian added to finish off her views on climate change and what she can do about it.

According to what Kardashian has stated, every organization that works day in and out to better the environment would be worrying too much about this planet. The anxiety of losing the habitable environment that we need to survive as a species is apparently too much of a weight for Kim Kardashian’s shoulder to bare as she roams around in her private jet.

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Source: Geo News

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