Olivia Colman is an esteemed figure among Hollywood’s finest actors, renowned for her extraordinary range and consistently outstanding performances. The Crown star possesses an unparalleled ability to immerse herself in diverse genres with equal finesse. Yet, her journey to stardom was not without its unconventional turns, notably an audition that took an unexpected and unforgettable twist.

Olivia Colman in The Crown S4
Olivia Colman in The Crown S4

In the trajectory of securing roles, auditions serve as the gateway for actors, and Colman’s path was no different. However, a peculiar incident unfolded when she inadvertently embarked on an audition armed with the wrong script. The unforeseen narrative mismatch unfolded, leaving the casting director bewildered and scarred.

How Did Olivia Colman’s Audition Mishap Surprise The Casting Director?

English Actress Olivia Colman
English Actress Olivia Colman

During the pivotal moments of Olivia Colman‘s burgeoning career, a pivotal audition marked an unforeseen and slightly bewildering turn. Positioned at the threshold of her acting journey, this incident unfolded during the third or fourth audition, a critical juncture in her quest for roles. The setting was with a distinguished theater casting director, renowned and esteemed in the industry—an encounter that promised potential career advancement.

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Prepared as always, Colman arrived armed with her script, embodying a character that demanded a portrayal of a character described as a raunchy hooker. Fully committed to her craft, Colman meticulously prepared herself for the character’s essence and motives. Colman said (via youtube),

“So I bought some fishnets. And I had a top as low as I dared and a short skirt. And I picked up a duffle on the way.”

However, the unexpected twist came upon meeting the casting director. As Colman stepped into the room, her interpretation of the character was met with a reaction she hadn’t anticipated. The casting director’s expression seemed to reflect surprise, perhaps even discomfort, upon witnessing Colman’s embodiment of the character’s persona.

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Olivia Colman’s Hilarious Audition Tale of Mistaken Characters

Actress Olivia Colman
Actress Olivia Colman

In the aftermath of the bizarre audition, the fog of confusion began to lift as the casting director probed Olivia Colman about the character she was prepared to portray. A jarring revelation dawned upon Colman as the character’s name was mentioned—a name utterly unfamiliar to her. Undeterred, she endeavored to maintain an illusion of familiarity with the role for a bewildering half-hour.

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However, as time wore on, it became increasingly apparent to the casting director that something was amiss—that Colman’s portrayal wasn’t in sync with the character they had in mind. It became evident that Colman had been operating with an entirely different script than the one the director referred to throughout the exchange.

The watershed moment arrived when the real script was finally placed in Colman’s hands, unveiling a stark revelation: the character she had fervently prepared to embody wasn’t a provocative hooker but rather a nun. The stark disparity between the scripts illuminated the root of the misunderstanding, painting the entire audition in a comically absurd light.

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