X-Men ’97 is getting a ton of love from fans and critics alike. The show is hitting all the right notes by bringing back the nostalgia of the original X-Men animated show.

The Disney+ series respects its roots while adding in modern themes, making it relatable. The X-Men franchise has a strong fanbase that enjoys seeing these classic characters return in a new format.

A still from X-Men '97
A still from X-Men ’97

All the credit goes to its creator, Beau DeMayo. The mastermind behind the beloved series put together a 20-page ‘bible’ detailing the storylines for each episode. This level of dedication to planning could be just what the Marvel Cinematic Universe needs to reignite the magic it once had.

X-Men ’97‘s Success Might be Marvel Boss’ Key to MCU Revival

Beau DeMayo
Beau DeMayo (via his X account)

X-Men ’97 is receiving a lot of praise lately, and there’s no doubt that Beau DeMayo’s creative approach deserves all the credit. Recently, the show’s creator took to X and stated that in television, the showrunner plays a crucial role as the primary creative leader (similar in some ways to a film director).

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They are responsible for shaping the overall vision and tone of the show, working closely with the studio. The 41-year-old also proved it. For a complex project like X-Men ’97, finding the right voice and tone is challenging.

To tackle this, DeMayo did more than just write scripts. He planned out the whole vibe and direction of the series in a detailed 20-page document. This document, often called a “bible,” made sure the story stayed consistent and made sense for viewers.

Just imagine if the MCU had something like that! The Marvel movies and shows have been a hit for years, but they’ve been facing possible issues lately. There’s been a ton of Marvel content coming out all at once.

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige
Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige (Image via Wikimedia Commons)

We all know that with so many movies and shows all tied together, they’re all starting to feel a bit too similar, and viewers partially know what’s next. While still commercially successful, some recent MCU projects have not been getting as much love from from the critics as the earlier entries.

So, Kevin Feige could also take cues from DeMayo’s approach and plan out big storylines that go across several movies. The success of X-Men ’97, spearheaded by the Florida native’s detailed vision, suggests a clear path for the MCU’s future.

DC’s Co-CEO Praises X-Men ’97 But Focuses on Originality

James Gunn
James Gunn (Image via Instagram)

X-Men ’97 has landed with a superhero punch. The show has soared to popularity and it’s been renewed for a second season already. Meanwhile, this nostalgic success made DC fans wishing for a Justice League Unlimited comeback.

But it looks like the studio’s co-CEO is not going for that idea. Although he praised Beau DeMayo’s show, he doesn’t want to copy the same approach. As James Gunn said:

X-Men ‘97 is fun because it’s unique and not desperately trying to follow the trends of everything around it. So I’d rather just keep doing that.”

Instead, he’s working on a new series called Creature Commandos for DCU, so there’s still more DC stuff to get excited about. Though there’s not any exact release date for the animated series as of now, it’s said to be released later this year on HBO.

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