Forget Magneto and Apocalypse, as Marvel is reportedly eying one of the most iconic and ruthless X-Men villains, who might be a part of the MCU’s longer plan.

Mister Sinister
X-Men villain Mister Sinister

Fans are eagerly anticipating the MCU X-Men reboot and to make it as impressive as possible, Marvel is reportedly set to introduce Mr. Sinister as the leading foe. There have been numerous speculations about which adversary will play the main bad guy in the X-Men film, and according to the latest scoop, Mister Sinister is the top contender for the part.

Marvel Reportedly Set To Introduce Mr. Sinister as The Main Villain in MCU X-Men Reboot

Looks like Marvel has finally set the stage for X-Men’s most terrifying villain, Mister Sinister to step into the MCU, and play the main antagonist in the upcoming X-Men film. Similar to Magneto and Apocalypse, Mr. Sinister is also one of the major archenemies of the X-Men, and his introduction would not only pave the way for the MCU but also generate buzz among diehard X-Men enthusiasts.

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X-Men characters

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This detail was revealed by DanielRPK, that Mr. Sinister is the top choice to step into the realm of superheroes. As his name suggests, Mr. Sinister is a highly skilled supervillain in the comics whose real name is Nathaniel Essex and is exceptionally interested in mutants and their abilities.

His transformation from Nathaniel Essex to Mr. Sinister was influenced by another mutant Apocalypse aka En Sabah Nur, who enhanced the abilities and powers of Nathaniel, making him the most iconic foe in the X-Men universe. Following his terrifying transformation, and face-offs with major characters like Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Wolverine, Mr. Sinister also became the leader of a mutant tracker group The Marauders.

Fans Would Love To See Mr. Sinister Playing The Main Villain

Mister Sinister in comics
Mister Sinister’s introduction to the MCU X-Men reboot sounds great to fans

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Even though Marvel hasn’t made it official that Mr. Sinister will be the main antagonist, the idea of it has made fans even more excited about the upcoming X-Men film in the MCU. The existence of Ms. Marvel aka Kamala Khan hints that mutant genes are still present in the MCU, and this would make Mr. Sinister’s debut easier in the MCU X-Men reboot, as the supervillain himself is a genetic scientist fanatical about understanding mutant biology.

Along with Mister Sinister, another formidable adversary who is rumored to be entering the superhero world after Jonathan Majors’ firing is Doctor Doom. However, Marvel has yet to officially confirm which bad guy has been finalized to lead the evil in the upcoming and highly anticipated X-Men film.

The scooper also revealed that Kang the Conqueror will reportedly remain the main villain for Avengers 5 and 6 movies. Jonathan Majors, who previously played the role was fired amid his legal battle and trials, and now fans are speculating which actor would be cast in the role if Kang’s existence happens to be true.

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