American singer and dancer JoJo Siwa has earned millions of fans through her dynamic and multi-talented personality, creativity, and spirit. At such a young age, Siwa has had a career that can be described as nothing less than remarkable.

JoJo Siwa
JoJo Siwa performing | via JoJo Siwa’s X account

After participating in the second season of Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition, she first appeared in Dance Moms season four episode named Abby Strikes Back. Siwa quickly gained attention with her performance. However, while fans enjoy her music and dance, many people might not be aware of the fact that she almost gave up her dancing dreams before Dance Moms changed everything.

JoJo Siwa Opens Up About How Dance Moms Changed Her Life

JoJo Siwa at Dance Moms
JoJo Siwa at Dance Moms | via Dance Moms YouTube

Recently, JoJo Siwa talked about how she spent an important period of her life on Dance Moms, and the complex experiences and tests she faced while she was on the show. In her recent podcast episode, she spoke about the importance of Dance Moms to her career. She acknowledged the effect it had on her with gratitude.

Today, we are kind of going back to, not necessarily how it started for me and how I became a public human being, but something that I think really was detrimental to my career and was massive for me, which was Dance Moms..It is one of the things that I’m most grateful for ..Of course, there were hard days.

In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Siwa revealed that she almost thought of leaving her dancing career. But then, Dance Moms happened, and she didn’t let go of her passion. When Jimmy Fallon asked her whether she would have auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance if she didn’t do Dance Moms, Siwa replied,

Absolutely not. I would have quit dance. Right before I went to ‘Dance Moms,’ I was pretty much checked out. I was done. I didn’t really enjoy dance anymore. I didn’t have the fire anymore, I didn’t have the passion.

And then that week I got the call to go to ‘Dance Moms.’ I was at a dance convention and I was like, ‘This is my last convention ever.’ And then I got the call to go to ‘Dance Moms,’ and then here I am still doing it. It relit my fire, it did. But no, I definitely would have quit dance for sure.

Although Siwa did not go into the details of her experiences on the show, she used her words to show how complicated and intense the competition can be. She was thankful for the opportunities the show provided her.

Why did JoJo Siwa leave Dance Moms?

JoJo Siwa
JoJo Siwa performing at Grand Forks | via JoJo Siwa’s X account

As Siwa continued to gain popularity, she faced the crucial decision of whether to stay on Dance Moms or move to Nickelodeon for a fresh start. The decision to bring an end to the show that made her successful and cherished was a challenging one that wasn’t easy for her.

During her podcast, JoJo Siwa Now, she opened up about her decision to quit the show. She said,

It was tough, though, because I really enjoyed being a part of it. I loved it. I loved my friends. I didn’t think my friends would still be friends with me if I wasn’t on the show. I didn’t know how the world was gonna react. It was very tough because it was so real. It was all that I knew.

For Siwa, the excitement of a new opportunity felt more tempting than staying on the show that gave her fame. Although she was grateful, she decided to leave the show after receiving advice from a Dancing with the Stars cast member. Siwa said,

I’m very grateful that I ended Dance Moms the way that I did…I could have been there longer, I should have been there longer, I wanted to be there longer. I think leaving Dance Moms while I still loved it was the best decision.

JoJo Siwa recently became the judge of So You Think You Can Dance by replacing Nigel Lythgoe. From totally giving up on her aspirations to going global, her story shows that most epic journeys usually begin with the most unbelievable circumstances.

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