In the movie world, recognition matters the most, yet sometimes even the most celebrated directors are ignored. One such is the case of David Cronenberg. Despite his immense contribution, the director was left without being recognized.

Director David Cronenberg
David Cronenberg

Even after their contribution to one of the most successful movies in Hollywood, the director remained unappreciated. The director expressed his frustration with director Dan O’Bannon for the movie Alien. The Shivers director claimed that Alien lacked philosophical depth.

David Cronenberg was Unrecognized for Alien

Director David Cronenberg
David Cronenberg

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Alien is a 1979 science fiction movie that was highly appreciated for its plot. The movie has not become famous for only its story but also for the way it aced the horror genre. It was a complete blend of science, fiction, and horror, but Shivers director David Cronenberg did not feel the same. The director claimed that Alien lacked philosophical depth and had similar elements just like Shivers had. in an interview with per per Strange Shapes Cronenberg said:

“In a case like that, you wouldn’t mind a little credit for it. But beyond that, if you are influential –and I’ve had many young filmmakers say that I was a big influence and sometimes their movies do remind me of my old movies– you take it as a compliment. You obviously touched a nerve. It’s nice to have people be aware of that. But beyond that it’s inevitable; things become communal understandings, let’s say. The whole parasite thing. I mean there are movies called Parasite. But I did it first but, you know, whatever.”

David Cronenberg focused on the parasite scenes in the movie in that it wasn’t used metaphorically and was completely for shock value. The director also mentioned that Dan O’Bannon has watched Shivers and used elements from the movie for ideation. Cronenberg claimed that the parasite scenes of Alien were influenced by the parasite movie of David Cronenberg.

David Cronenberg is a Master in Creating Horror and Innovative Movies

Director David Cronenberg
David Cronenberg

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David Cronenberg has made movies that illustrated the link between technology and humans. He is best known for creating a blend of science and fiction with horror in the movies. Cronenberg’s career in movies has spanned over decades and his thought-provoking ideas have earned him immense reputation and hit movies that are considered one of the best science fiction. Cronenberg’s work in Shivers and Rabid introduced viewers to the concept of body horror where mutations took place.

David Cronenberg has received a few Awards including one Golden Globe Award for Best Director for the 2005 movie A History of Violence. However, the movie that Davis Cronenberg is best known for is The Fly, a modified version of a 1958 classic movie. The Scanners director also revealed that he was approached for a sequel of Aliens but Cronenberg denied it as he disliked making sequels.

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Source: Strange Shapes 

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