In the celebrity world, numerous behind-the-scenes stories often captivate fans. It gives them the curiosity to know more about their favorite actor and their off-screen stories. One such is Mark Wahlberg’s co-star Seth Green’s story who went through a painful stunt for a movie.

Seth Green in The Italian Job
Actor Seth Green

Seth Green had to do a painful stunt in the movie The Italian Job to find unexpected news about his car chase scene. The actors endured pain to showcase a memorable scene but what they found afterwards was quite interesting.

Seth Green’s Painful Stunt and Surprising Car Chase in The Italian Job 

Actor Seth Green
Seth Green

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Seth Green is a skilled actor in Hollywood, even though he doesn’t have a movie count like Tom Cruise or Will Smith but he does have some of his notable roles. Green played the character Lyle in a 2003 movie The Italian Job. Though his role wasn’t that focused and elaborated but was memorable. The character Green got was something he had experienced before too. He wanted to make sure that his character should blend with every star he was working with as the movie had an all-star cast.

Seth Green recalled how he was surprised to know about one of his car chase scenes. The director of The Italian Job, F. Gary Gray, asked Green if he was okay with not driving a car making him think that the scene had been cut. But later Green found out that he’s been replaced.

“So they cast that additional guy, Franky G, and he wound up being the other driver. Gary says to me about a week in, ‘Hey, Seth, we’re rewriting a bunch of this stuff, and it doesn’t look like you’re going to be driving the car. Are you cool with that?’ And I said, ‘What you actually said to me is that I’m going to have about six weeks off in the middle of this production while everybody else is filming all the coverage around the heist.’”

Seth Green told this to Vulture, explaining how he learned about getting replaced by another actor named Franky G as the driver in that scene. Seth Green wasn’t expecting this when he was given six weeks off from filming the movie as he thought the actors were working on a different aspect of the movie.

Fiction Took Center Stage in The Italian Job Movie

The Italian Job
The Italian Job Movie

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The movie The Italian Job had actors like Mark Wahlberg, Jason Statham, Charlize Theron, Donald Sutherland, Mos Def, Edward Norton, and Seth Green. Even though Green’s character was not the focus of the movie, it did make him famous. The movie incorporated elements related to Napster and a cameo by Shawn Fanning and much of the Napster story was fictionalized. The movie highlighted not just the actual elements but the fictional ones too.

The movie was quite successful due to its heist plot and an incredible cast of talented Hollywood actors. It received positive reviews from both critics and viewers and became one of the most famous movies in the heist genre. The Italian Job was an action-packed movie with thrilling car chase scenes and filled with suspense. Each actor in the movie did an incredible job to make it a hit project.

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Source: Vulture

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