Daniel Radcliffe tasted mammoth success at a very young age. The actor has been the official face of the billion-dollar fantasy drama franchise ever since its inception. The British star has been a part of other projects too, including- Guns Akimbo, Imperium, Now You See Me 2, and The Lost City. 

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe

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The wizarding world sensation was a significant part of Sandra Bullock’s The Lost City. Despite being such a popular face in the entertainment industry, Daniel Radcliffe did not have a proper idea about the superstardom of his co-star Sandra Bullock.

Daniel Radcliffe Had No Idea About The Super Stardom Of Sandra Bullock

Daniel Radcliffe has already worked with prominent A-listers from Hollywood like Richard Harris, Alan Rickman, and Maggie Smith, but his experience with the Gravity actor Sandra Bullock left the actor awestruck. During an interview with the reputed media outlet GQ, the Harry Potter star spoke about working with the actor in The Lost City. He said-

“Honestly, getting to work with [Bullock] was such a thrill. I grew up on the ‘Potter’ films, obviously, working with Maggie Smith and Richard Harris, but I didn’t have, like, an inherent knowledge of who those people were. I hadn’t watched, you know, ‘A Man Called Horse’ with Richard Harris when I was a kid, so I didn’t know the significance. But I did very much grow up watching Sandra Bullock in stuff. So yeah, to get to work with her was incredibly cool.”

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliff and Sandra Bullock in The Lost City

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During an interview with Sharp Magazine, Daniel Radcliffe3 even mentioned being impressed by the acting prowess of Sandra Bulock. He said-

“There was nothing surprising to me about the fact that Sandra is an amazing actor in general and an amazing actor to work with. I was like, ‘Yeah, of course. This is why you’ve been brilliant for so long.’ The stuff that really did surprise me was as a producer because a lot of actors take vanity credit as a producer, but I cannot emphasize enough how much that is not the case with Sandra. They made this movie happen.”

However, Daniel Radcliffe had a fan moment with his co-star in the movie The Lost City, but as confessed by Sandra Bullock, the actor really had some major misperceptions about the Harry Potter star.

Sandra Bullock Had Major Confusion About Her Co-star Daniel Radcliffe

Undoubtedly, celebrities are judged by the people who make them stars. The 34-year-old actor Daniel Radcliffe, who became a superstar overnight with the grand success of Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone in 2001, was judged by the famous actor Sandra Bullock.

During an interview with The Zoe Ball Breakfast Show via Express in 2022, the Speed actor confessed to having misperceptions about her young co-star. She said-

“And to me, I don’t know, I just came to really admire and like him so much, because he was not at all what I expected him to be. I thought he’d be some narcissistic, entitled child actor who’s grown into an adult who would just come with all kinds of drama, and he was nothing even close to that.”

Daniel Radcliffe
Daniel Radcliffe with Sandra Bulock during the promotions of The Lost City

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The Lost City is one of the most significant movies of Daniel Radcliffe’s acting career. The 2022 adventure-comedy drama revolves around the life of a novelist portrayed by actor Sandra Bullock, who mistakenly gets involved in a kidnapping case with Daniel Radcliffe and the chain of events leads them toward a jungle adventure.

The Lost City is currently available for streaming on Amazon Prime.

Source: GQ/ Express

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