It’s a well-known fact that famous actors or big Hollywood moguls weren’t all born into a life of stardom or fame. As for a common audience, it’s quite surprising that many big names did odd jobs before they made it big. Likewise, renowned actor Jeremy Renner, a celebrated actor known for his diverse roles in the industry, found himself in an unexpected field before stepping into the limelight.

Jeremy Renner thrived as a makeup artist before making it into the spotlight

The Hawkeye star Jeremy Renner, before making it in Hollywood, in the early days of his career, worked as a fragrance model with his friends during the Christmas season. After that seasonal gig, he found himself with some extra money and decided to work as a makeup artist to meet his daily needs, the actor told in the Armchair Expert podcast.

A image of Jeremy Renner
Jeremy Renner

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“And so after that was done and we made some good money, also made friends within the department because we’re pretty much the only guys in that sort of cosmetic department”.

Later, he learned about a new opening at the Lancôme cosmetics counter in January. Renner, who had only limited knowledge about makeup, somehow managed to charm the ladies with his humorous talk and impressive responses during the interview.

‘Oh, I’m going to go over to the gals. I already know them.’ I’m like, ‘What’s going on? Let’s talk about this.’ And they already love me in a way, right? I knew nothing about cosmetics. So, I sit down and have a meeting with them. It’s like, ‘Tell us about your experience with makeup.’ I’m like, ‘Well, I do my own makeup.’”

A still of Jeremy Renner from Dahmer movie
Jeremy Renner from Dahmer movie

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Renner is primarily focused on cosmetics that potentially help women achieve their desired look rather than concentrating on skin care. Renner said, he “wouldn’t touch a woman’s face unless she felt comfortable”, and most importantly, he would inquire about their preferences. His primary goal was to make women confident by enhancing their innate beauty through makeup.

Jeremy Renner from makeup artist to Marvel Avenger

A still of Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye
Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye

Renner spent almost 8 years in Los Angeles working as a makeup artist. During that time, he used to attend auditions for acting roles. Eventually, his hard work paid off, landing him roles in major franchises like Marvel, Bourne, and Mission Impossible.

Renner marked his debut role in a 1995 comedy movie, National Lampoon’s Senior Trip. He then gained recognition for his role in independent films like Dahmer and The Hurt Locker, for which he received critical acclaim and earned an Academy Award nomination.

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Jeremy Renner from Bourne Legacy
Jeremy Renner from Bourne Legacy

His breakout came when he made his astonishing entrance to the Marvel franchise as Hawkeye. Beginning with Thor, he appeared in numerous Marvel movies and starred in the titular Hawkeye series.

Additionally, he has since been the star of several successful movies, including Arrival, American Hustle, Mission: Impossible, and Bourne Legacy. Currently, the actor is reviving his strength from the snowplow accident that occurred earlier this year.

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