Who hasn’t heard of the infamous Fast & Furious movie series? It is one of Hollywood’s most action-packed franchises. This franchise should be your first choice if you enjoy racing. You’ll see more than just action in these films, though. Another major theme of the Fast and Furious series has been the importance of family.

Fast and Furious franchise
Fast and Furious franchise

The series has made $7.3 Billion,  thanks to its massive success. However, the person who is responsible for the franchise’s initial success has expressed his feelings on Hollywood. He is upset with how Hollywood has treated him.

The Fast and the Furious (2001) writer upset over treatment from Hollywood

As director David Ayer vents his displeasure over what he believes to be a huge injustice, Hollywood is coming under fire. The writer of Suicide Squad and End of Watch revealed his displeasure with the lack of credit and payment for his work on the first installment of the hugely successful The Fast and the Furious franchise during a recent appearance on Jon Bernthal’s Real Ones podcast. .“Biggest franchise in Hollywood and I don’t have any of it,” Ayer said.

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David Ayer
David Ayer

Ayer was a member of the creative team that developed the 2001 movie. He claims to have a unique and varied viewpoint on the project. He talked about how he changed the original New York-based, Italian-centric script into a representation of the cultural variety and street racing scene in Los Angeles. Ayer stated on the podcast that he wanted to add authenticity to the films because, at the time, no one was much aware of street racing.

Ayer complained that he has “nothing to show” for it in terms of financial benefit due to the intricacies of Hollywood’s business processes despite his crucial efforts that helped pave the road for the franchise’s success.

David Ayer’s contribution in shaping the movie’s narrative was overshadowed

Due to director David Ayer’s open dissatisfaction, the Fast and Furious franchise, a global smash hit that has made over $7 billion globally, is now the focus of a heated discussion. Ayer expressed his unhappiness on Jon Bernthal’s Real Ones podcast. He said that his significant contributions to the franchise’s creation had been overlooked.

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Fast and Furious
Fast and Furious

He blames this on certain people in the industry who manipulate stories. He made the observation that people with a stronghold in the Hollywood social scene have the ability to shape and guide narratives. On the other hand, outsiders like himself who don’t interact with those groups are sidelined. Because of his position as an outsider, Ayer has learned from this experience and has worked to develop his independence in future creative projects.

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Source: Deadline

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