James Gunn has established his name in the superhero film industry and has a particular gift for creating compelling superhero movies. In 2022, he transferred from Marvel to DC as co-CEO alongside Peter Safran with the goal of building a new, diversified DC Universe. This resulted in the cancellation of some projects.

James Gunn
James Gunn

However, challenges like the cancellation of the Arrowverse and Batgirl shows have made it difficult to realize this new DC vision. One director even said that as part of this transition, James Gunn promised an exciting re-release of a popular DCEU film.

Director David Ayer had a talk with James Gunn

A fresh hope to travel into the past has emerged amid all the DC Extended Universe cancellations. James Gunn, the co-CEO of DC, is changing a lot of things in order to expand the universe and make films more diverse. Though it is very exciting, it has also resulted in the cancellation of many of our favorite shows. Fans are also encountering the recasting of some of their favorite actors. The director of a popular movie just revealed some information that gives the movie’s fans some hope.

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David Ayer
David Ayer

Director of Suicide Squad, David Ayer, has provided a hopeful update regarding the potential release of the director’s cut of his Suicide Squad movie. Ayer stated that James Gunn gave him the assurance that his version of the movie would eventually be released. A Spanish-speaking fan questioned whether the Ayer’s Cut of the movie will ever be available under Gunn’s direction in March 2023. Ayer reacted to the post by saying he had already spoken to Gunn and made hints about upcoming favorable developments.

It remains to be seen if James Gunn is going to keep his word

David Ayer’s most recent remarks have increased the possibility that James Gunn will release the Ayer Cut. The information provided by Ayer about Gunn assuring him of the release of the cut is a positive development.

This new update not only shows a change in direction for the new DC leadership, stressing both fresh storylines and fixing old problems. However, it also shows how open-minded they are to fan requests. The possibility that the Ayer’s Cut will be released is increased by Gunn’s willingness to listen to fan feedback and his talent for juggling several DC projects, drawing comparisons to the release of Zack Snyder’s Justice League on Max.

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Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad

Ayer’s claim that his version of Suicide Squad is better than the theatrical release and his claim that his cut only needs some visual effects work done rather than any reshoots indicates that he has created a masterpiece. Ayer’s confidence hints that, if given the green light by the studio, he will enthusiastically push the release of his cut. As fans enjoy the current version of Suicide Squad available for streaming on Max, the hope and anticipation are off the charts after Ayer’s comments. Now only time will tell whether James Gunn would keep his promise or not.

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