Brie Larson’s The Marvels fell flat at the box office. The Nia DaCosta-led Marvel project was expected to bring a 360-degree change to the reputed superhero franchise after a string of critical and financial disappointments in 2023. The Marvels comes under the list of one of the worst-performing projects from the house of Marvel.

Brie Larson
Brie Larson as Captain Marvel

After the massive failure of The Marvels, Brie Larson subtly hinted towards her exit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Brie Larson Indirectly Indicates Towards Her Exit From MCU

As The Marvels failed to create a positive mark at the box office, the future of the Brie Larson-led superhero franchise looks quite unclear. During the recent SAG Awards, Larson was asked about her return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe by the media outlet Extra. The Avengers actor refrained from giving a clear answer, instead, she went on to indirectly indicate the possibility of her exit from the MCU. She said-

 “I don’t have anything to say about that.”

 Brie Larson
Iman Vellani, Brie Larson, and Teyonah Parris in The Marvels

Whereas during an interview with Entertainment Tonight in November 2023, the Unicorn Store actor had a more optimistic response about the future of Captain Marvel in the Superhero franchise. She had said-

“I don’t want Marvel to come for me, but there is something. There is definitely something, to answer your question, that I would want to say, but I am not going to. I think there is still so much inside of Carol. I feel like getting to be on this team just cracked her open in a way that she hadn’t been, and I really loved that for her. I just loved her letting the shoulders drop a little bit, and not need to feel like all the responsibility was on her. So I think that there is just so much more to go.”

The Marvels was a sequel to the 2019 released movie, Captain Marvel. The project brought Iman Vellani and Teyonah Parris as co-stars alongside Brie Larson. The Marvels underperformed at the box office as it went on to gross only $206 million against a production budget of $274.8 million.

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Brie Larson Looks Stunning In An Abs-Baring Crop Top Attire At The SAG Awards

The Captain Marvel of Hollywood just proved that looking stunning is one of her superpowers. During the recent SAG Awards, Brie Larson turned heads with her abs-baring crop top attire. The 34-year-old actor flaunted her abs in a customized Versace two-piece dress. The attire was in peach fuzz color with a long-sleeved knotted crop top and a ball gown skirt.

Brie Larson
Brie Larson in Endgame

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while talking to Laverne Cox during the SAG Awards, Larson shared that her inspiration behind the elegant attire was supermodel Claudia Schiffer. The famous supermodel had worn a similar dress in light pink for the Vogue photoshoot in 1994. Brie Larson said-

“I’m so happy with it as it feels like this extra cherry on top that is kinda ridiculous, but you get to be part of this whole other world of artisans and storytelling that is outside of just playing a character. It’s like playing the character of me, today at the SAG Awards!”

Larson was nominated for outstanding performance by a female actor in a television movie or limited series for Lessons In Chemistry. The critically acclaimed series saw her play the character of a fiery and feisty chemist Elizabeth Zott.

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