Led Zeppelin, which was one of the most influential bands of the 1970s, had reached all corners of the world.  So, how could Robert Plant, who is the frontman of the rock band, reject the cameo role he was offered in Game of Thrones(GoT)?

Robert Plant
Robert Plant explained why he rejected the cameo role in GoT

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Robert Anthony Plant, who is the lead singer and lyricist of the famous band, had a successful career but despite having great success with the band music in TV and Films, he has only two official acting roles to his name, according to his IMDb page. Firstly, he appeared as an unnamed character in Led Zeppelin’s concert film The Song Remains The Same, and then he appeared in UK Sitcom Stella’s fifth season.

Reason Behind Zepplin’s Robert Plant Rejecting The Cameo Role In The Game of Thrones

Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant
Led Zeppelin’s Robert Plant

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HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones had added another feature that shared the cameos from famous musicians including personalities like Coldplay, Mastodon, Sigur Rós, and Ed Sheeran. There had been news flowing in the industry that Robert Plant was offered the role to appear in the GoT which he rejected.

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In a recent interview with Canadian broadcaster George Stroumboulopoulos, the frontman was asked about the reason for rejecting the role in the famous series Game of Thrones which he never watched, he replied, “I don’t want to get typecast. I started that s***.” He added, “Go back to ‘Immigrant Song’ and Led Zeppelin being part of cultural exchange in Iceland with the Icelandic government. So they didn’t know what they’d invited onto their little island.”

Robert Plant Confessed His Love For Western European History

Led Zeppelin's Robert Plant
Robert Plant, popularly known as the lead singer and lyricist of Led Zeppelin

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When asked about his role that was offered in the show, Plant responded after consulting it with a publicist, “It was undecided. I thought I was gonna ride a horse and go…”

He went on to share, “I love Western European history from maybe the Bronze Age up through all the old religion… when we were really in touch with our Earth. The Viking thing, the whole idea of playing in Iceland and experiencing this landscape and people. Yeah, I’ve got a lot to answer for, because I’ve never seen so many bands with double-bladed axes.”

Check out the tweet below.

Robert Plant is still active in the industry as he released the studio album titled Raise the Roof along with Alison Krauss in 2021 which is a follow-up to the duo’s successful album Raising Sand.

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