Khloe Kardashian, who recently had a son via surrogacy, spoke out about her experience, which contrasted with that of her sister Kim Kardashian, who also had children through surrogacy. Khloe and her ex-boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, have two children together, whereas Kim Kardashian and her ex-husband Kanye West have four children together.

The third season of the successful and well-liked reality series The Kardashians is currently broadcasting on Hulu, and the 38-year-old reality TV star made her return to the screen. Her second child’s birth was captured on camera for season two of the reality series, and now she is speaking openly about those struggles.

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Khloe Kardashian with baby boy Tatum
Khloe Kardashian with baby boy Tatum

Khloe Kardashian admits the surrogate process has been hard for her

Khloe Kardashian revealed to Kim Kardashian and Scott Disick that the surrogate process had been extremely difficult for her during the first episode of season three of The Kardashians. She responded with the word “Mmhmm” when Disick questioned her about whether she felt a stronger connection to her older son than to her daughter, who she had carried for nine months. Khloe is reassured by Disick that while it might take a little while for them to click, she will eventually feel the same way about her baby boy as she does about her daughter.

The founder of Good American added, “It’s a mindf—. It’s really the weirdest thing.” Kim Kardashian chimed in admitting that she could see how her sister struggled with the entire process, adding that it had been hard for her. She further said,

“I do think there is a difference when your baby is in your belly, the baby actually feels your real heart. Think about it. There’s no one else on this planet that will feel you from the inside like that, your heart.” She later added, “People can connect in different ways”.

Khloe Kardashian with daughter True Thompson for a magazine shoot
Khloe Kardashian with daughter True Thompson for a magazine shoot

It is sometimes simple for mothers to connect with their babies after surrogacy, but sometimes it’s not, according to Kim Kardashian, who welcomed two of her younger children via surrogacy. Khloe K added that, in contrast to how her older sister had described it to her, she finds this process to be very difficult.

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Khloe Kardashian talks about her son’s birth

Somewhere in the episode, Khloe K shares with Disick and Kim,

“I definitely buried my head in the sand during that pregnancy so that I didn’t digest what was happening. I think when I went to the hospital, I think that was the first time that it really registered. I think it has nothing to do with the baby.”

Khloe Kardashian shares kids with former partner Tristan Thompson
Khloe Kardashian shares kids with former partner Tristan Thompson

She also shed some light on how her former partner and now father to both her kids, Tristan Thompson, had convinced her to do an embryo transfer just days before his paternity scandal broke on the Internet. The reality star, when talking about her time at the hospital, said,

“I definitely was in a state of shock from my entire experience in general. I felt really guilty that this woman just had my baby and then I took the baby and I go to another room and you’re just sort of separated. I felt it was such a transactional experience.”

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Khloe Kardashian was encouraged by Kim Kardashian to opt for surrogacy

The reality TV star and founder of Good American was reportedly persuaded to choose surrogacy by her sister Kim Kardashian last summer after it became clear that should she become pregnant, Khloe might experience complications with her pregnancy. She also mentioned,

“I wish someone was honest about surrogacy and the difference of it. But it doesn’t mean it’s bad or good. It’s just different.”

A source at the time mentioned, “Khloé tried to get pregnant for a while. When this didn’t work out, they decided to explore other options. Kim supported and encouraged Khloe to find a surrogate.” After keeping the name of his younger child hidden from the public, it has now been revealed that they named the baby boy Tatum, who was born amid the tumultuous relationship Khloe had with her baby daddy, Thompson.

Season 3 of The Kardashians is now streaming on Hulu.

Source: People

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