Logan Paul is a professional boxer, YouTuber, and actor, who has been more known for his “IMPAULSIVE” personality. Famous for his podcast, he soon transitioned to the world of boxing and wrestling. His podcast is a huge hit among viewers, where he along with guests discusses various topics that vary from entertainment to health and even politics.

Even though the actor has seen great success in his career, his personal life wasn’t heading in the right direction, particularly because of his concern for his brother Jake Paul, who was depressed and had a tendency to end his life.

Logan Paul Shares Losing His Brother Was the Biggest Fears He Had

Logan Paul's Picture from his movie, Valley Girl
Logan Paul’s Picture from his movie, Valley Girl

Netflix has been working to bring some great documentaries based on the real-life events of many stars. Recently, the streaming giant has added another documentary titled Untold: Jake Paul the Problem Child which is based on the real-life events of Jake Paul.

In the documentary, the Valley Girl star revealed a lot of things that he has never disclosed before which also includes controversies about his brother, Jake.

The star revealed a lot of events from his life which also includes stories of his brother’s early days of making YouTube videos on wild pranks and stunts that ended up with neighbors complaining.

“I mean, both my dad and I felt worried for my brother’s life,” Logan said. “Jake’s always been pretty emotionally unpredictable, and volatile.”

“There was a point where we were both legitimately concerned that Jake was going to kill himself.”

Logan Paul also shared about the lowest points in his life when his brother Jake was facing a lot of backlashes which resulted in him losing his work to cast for Disney’s Bizaardvark which threw him in depression and left him and his father worried about his life.

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Jake Paul Opens Up About How Backlashes Have Affected Him

Picture of Jake Paul and Logan Paul Together
Picture of Jake Paul and Logan Paul Together

Logan’s brother, Jake admitted that the backlashes he faced because of his stunts and pranks have left him fall in a dark spot. 

“It was easy to rip me apart,” Jake said. “It became a thing to hate Jake Paul.

“It’s not easy to be hated by the whole entire world and it creates a very dark mental place.”

Jake shares about all of the criticism he has faced which has ended up with people having hatred, which took a significant toll on his mental health. He also shared that he was an easy target for people which lead him to a dark and challenging mental state.

However, he took the courage to come out from the depression and his family especially his brother Logan helped him to get out from it.

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Jake Paul Overcomes Depression Through Boxing

Logan Paul and Jake Paul Picture Together
Logan Paul and Jake Paul Picture Together

When Airplane Mode star’s younger brother was going through the deepest depression, he found boxing as the answer to help him come out from the depression.

His professional boxing brother, Logan, and his father supported him in this move to make a successful career in boxing, and with all the love and support, Jake was able to make great success in boxing. 

In today’s date, he has become so successful that he has earned a lot of popularity and respect from other WWE stars including Mike Tyson. 

In the entire course of his career in wrestling, Jake has won against various UFC stars like Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva.

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We already have popular documentaries like Madoff: The Monster of Wall Street, The Deepest Breath, MH370: The Plane That Disappeared, and Queen Cleopatra which has been gaining a lot of popularity among the recently released documentaries by the streaming giant. However, now you can watch the trailer for this new documentary based on Logan Paul’s life through the video embedded down below:

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