Elvis was one of the best films we had the fortune of witnessing last year. The movie had all the elements of a great biopic. The acting was top-notch, the portrayal flawless, and the casting right on the money. No wonder the movie has bagged as many as 8 Oscar nominations. The stellar showing is in no small part down to the ensemble of celebrities behind the movie. But Liam Neeson had doubts regarding one member of the crew. The Schindler’s List star was of the view that Tom Hanks would take him out of the Oscar-nominated movie.

Elvis was astoundingly successful

The poster for Elvis
Elvis received adulation from all corners

Tom Hanks portrayed Colonel Tom Parker, who was Elvis’s manager and had a complicated relationship with the King of Rock and Roll. The movie revolved around his growth and rise to stardom in the music industry, while also shedding a light on the dynamics between him and his manager.

The movie had a stellar showing. It went on to bag  $287.3 million worldwide on a budget of $85 million. It was definitely a commercial success. The movie also received the green light from critics, delivering on every possible aspect.

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Liam Neeson had doubts about Tom Hanks

Liam Neeson and Tom Hanks
Liam Neeson had reservations about Tom Hanks

Elvis also left many a celebrity spellbound with its magic, Liam Neeson being one of them. The Batman Begins star was impressed with Baz Luhrmann’s perspicacity. He told IndieWire in an interview,

“I thought it was fantastic. Extraordinary. Baz Luhrmann. It was superb, really superb.”

But Liam Neeson had doubts about one person, that is Tom Hanks. He said, “I got a little bit worried when I saw Tom Hanks. I thought, ‘Oh no, oh please, this is taking me out of the film.” But he realized very soon how wrong he was.

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Liam Neeson changed his stance

Tom Hanks and Austin Butler
Tom Hanks and Austin Butler’s performances were lauded by one and all

Hanks, as the enigmatic Colonel Tom Parker, was a delight to watch. And even the 70-year-old realized that as time progressed. He continued in his interview,

But for a very short time, a very short time. But he was wonderful. It was a wonderful performance. It really grew on me, that one.”

This is Tom Hanks for you.

But the man who won a special mention for his performance was none other than Austin Butler. His portrayal of the If I Can Dream singer won everyone’s hearts. He even won his first Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Drama picture.

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Source: Independent

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