The Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds known for his candid and humorous interview has once again gone viral for his comment on not having a boy. Married to Blake Lively, Reynolds is already a father of 3 daughters and is nothing but grateful for not having a boy. Talking about this on the Jimmy Fallon show Ryan Reynolds confirmed that he loves nothing more than to be a girl dad.

Ryan Reynolds
Ryan Reynolds

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Ryan Reynolds is Happy Being a Girl Dad

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are one of the most adored couples in the industry for their witty interviews. Despite not being very open about bringing their kids into the spotlight the couple has never hesitated to discuss their family in the media.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds

Continuing the same trend Reynolds discussed how he loves to be a girl dad. During his appearance on The Tonight Show of Jimmy Fallon, Reynolds talked about the arrival of his fourth kid. Although he didn’t reveal the gender of the baby, but said he wished it was a girl again.

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Expressing himself Reynolds said that they never found out about the gender of the baby and just wait till it comes into the world. Further, he also stated, that he wishes it to be a girl as he is so used to being a girl dad.

“I’m kind of hoping for a girl cause I know I’m a bit of a hen myself. I know girls. I like – I’m a girl Dad. I’m used to that. I’m ready for that. I feel like I will be taken by that son, you know in some horrible way. If it is anything like my childhood, he’ll end up on the lawn with me in a fistfight like my dad.”

The couple welcomed their fourth child in February 2023 but have yet not reveal its gender.

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively the Ultimate Couple

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are the most adored couple in Hollywood and if anything, they are considered the power couple by fans. Ever since their marriage, it has not been a time since these two couples have not been spotted together.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds with her family
Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds with her family

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With four kids and 12 years of marriage, the love between the two has only increased and this has only been adored by their fans. Even the recent message of Ryan Reynolds for his wife on her birthday had the fans awestruck.


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On the occasion of Lively’s 36th birthday, Reynolds took to Instagram to share a picture of his wife with the comment that read “The only thing irrevocably mine in the world is the love and appreciation and awe I feel for this person. Witnessing her life is something I couldn’t take for granted if I tried. And believe me, I try. Happy Birthday, @blakelively. You hung the damn moon.”

This message by Reynolds has the fans flattered as they send best wishes to the couple.

Source: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

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