Ever since its trailer release two months ago, She-Hulk has received quite the reaction from its fans. The upcoming series has been a topic of discussion among MCU fans. The trailer was released two months prior to the release of the series, leading many to speculate and come up with their own theories and plots that the series may follow. It shows a glimpse into the life of Jennifer Walters, an attorney who navigates her career with the new powers she gained as She-Hulk.


We also see the character training with Bruce Banner, the Hulk, taking up lessons to control her transformation, learning some new techniques, and of course, doing meditation. The trailer follows up by showing Walters’ life as an attorney. One interesting thing, however, that the trailer shows is Jennifer Walters using Tinder as She-Hulk. Well let me tell you what, this isn’t limited to the series only. She-Hulk has a real Tinder account and you can match with her.

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 She-Hulk: Less than a Mile Away

We all know that this series is far from Marvel’s usual formula. In some scenes in the trailer, fans speculated that the hulk, just like Deadpool, will be breaking the fourth wall, talking straight to the audience. This is something that she did in her comics too, talking straight to the readers. 

Keeping in mind all this, and how the series is different from earlier Marvel movies and shows, it required a marketing campaign just as different as the show. And marvel came up with one just prior to the release of the show. 

This marketing takes place on the dating platform we saw Jennifer Walters using in She-Hulk, yes it is Tinder. Recently, ads for the upcoming MCU Disney+ series started popping up on tinder.


One Twitter user found that while swiping through Tinder, one can now come across the profile for Jennifer Walters as She-Hulk.

The profile has a full bio, and a couple of images to swipe through. Her bio says, “I know what you’re thinking, this can’t be real, and guess what it’s not.” The rest of the bio explains when the series will come out and how they should set a date to watch it, saying, “Find out who she does match within She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, streaming August 18th on Disney+.” 

Want To get Tinder Match With She-Hulk? Here’s What Happens

Once users swipe right on She-Hulk’s profile, they get an automated message asking the user to stop reading the message and set a date to watch She-Hulk, attorney at law on Disney+. 

The description of the profile also says in brackets, “seriously she goes on dates.” It confirms that we will see this superhero going on multiple dates throughout the series. One of the scenes from the trailer also shows her carrying her date in her arms with ease.

Marvel and Disney+ She-Hulk
Marvel and Disney+ She-Hulk

MCU’s Creative Marketing Schemes

Well, this is not the first time Marvel Studios have come up with something like this. In the past. However, this is the first time the studios have utilized the platform. Marvel studios have always come up with unique and creative marketing schemes for their movies and shows. 

At the time of the release of the first Ant-Man movie, the studio placed tiny Ant-Man sculptures across London, England. The tiny superhero was seen battling turnstiles, flying on an ant, and even a tiny bus station with an ad was placed in the city. 

Ant-Man tiny sculptures in London

Recently at the time of the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, the studio created a TikTok account with the name Daily Bugle TikTok channel, based on the fictional newspaper and news channel in the Spider-Man series. The account also shared stories of New York’s Spider-Man. 

With its new and unique ideas and utilizing the social media platform to the fullest, it would be nice to see what types of social media campaigns marcel would hold for its upcoming series and movies.

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