One of the most versatile artists, Lady Gaga is also one of the best-selling artists in the world. She is known for reinventing her image and experimenting with different genres of music. The songwriter-singer-actress is the only female artist to achieve four singles, each selling at least ten million copies globally.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga as Patrizia Reggiani in House of Gucci | Universal Pictures

Gaga ventured into acting by appearing in American Horror Story: Hotel from 2015 to 2016. She was highly appreciated for her performance opposite Bradley Cooper in A Star Is BornGaga also appeared opposite Adam Driver in 2021’s highly anticipated biographical crime drama movie House of Gucci. The movie received mixed reviews, but the performances of the actors were highly lauded.

Gaga recently spoke about her upcoming album, and fans cannot wait.

Lady Gaga teases fans by talking about new music

Grammy Award-winning artist Lady Gaga appeared at the Los Angeles premiere of her concert film Gaga Chromatica Ball in her style. She wore an ensemble that was said to resemble a car part, with bleached eyebrows and black hair. The concert movie follows the singer as she takes over the Dodger Stadium with her successful and popular hits from her album Chromatica.

The artist quickly changed into a black outfit with a sparkling mask, and ahead of her premiere of the movie, she spoke to Access Hollywood’s Scott Evans for a quick Q&A. Lady Gaga shared, when asked about her upcoming music (Via Rolling Stone),

I have written so many songs, and I’ve been producing so many songs, and it’s nothing like anything that I’ve ever made before. I love to break genres, and I love to explore music. There’s something really beautiful about knowing that you will be loved no matter what you do.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga for the music video of Alice | Lady Gaga’s YouTube

Gaga noted that she had been in the studio every single day and explained that her current creative process began during her Chromatica Ball Tour in 2022. She added,

Something I’m definitely exploring right now is sort of the art of intensity, and I think that the art of intensity actually began during this tour. But I’m not done with it yet.

Further talking about the shows, she mentioned that the tour went on during a time when people thought that the tour and stadiums were not packed or sold out. Gaga shared during the Q&A that she was very excited for the fans to see what they had made for them. Being the professional, dedicated artist she is, she revealed that she did five shows while suffering from COVID and shared her diagnosis with her team.

The Grammy winner mentioned that she wanted to perform because she didn’t want to let the fans down, noting that the fans had also put themselves in a situation by coming to the show amid the pandemic. 

Fans having a great time trying to guess Lady Gaga’s upcoming music album genre

Lady Gaga has a dedicated fan base, with them always being supportive and encouraging towards her. They have been waiting for some new music from the artist for a while now, and the news of her trying to break genre and explore music with her upcoming album gave fans a chance to share their views.

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga for the music video 911 | Lady Gaga’s YouTube

A user noted, It’s either rap or hip hop or rNb or rock,’ whereas someone else mentioned, ‘OMG, the country rap album is coming’, a third user wrote, ‘LG6 rock album would break the internet.’ Someone suggested Indie, while another user suggested that a rap album would suit the artist.

Fans have been guessing the genre for the artist’s upcoming album and it seemed like they are having a great time thinking about the type of genre that would best suit her voice. A lot of them have suggested that they should be prepared for anything that she drops. Gaga shared with Access Hollywood (Via THR) that the tour and the album were, in a way, the end of a distinct phase in her life and the beginning of a new one.

I was sort of saying goodbye to old wounds, scars, or challenges, and with this tour, I felt really renewed to do something entirely different. I think I felt brave enough to embrace this brutalist aesthetic in a way that I wasn’t brave enough to do when I first put the album out.

Gaga’s Chromatica Ball is available to stream on Max.

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