When speaking out about overcoming his battle with lymphoma and COVID-19; Jeff Bridges was not afraid to get a little self-deprecating. Known for his bold roles in various films, the actor admitted that after spending so much time behind the camera he was a little worried about having to perform this time. With that being said, Bridges is back in action and looking good so all can rest easy. Speaking at the premiere night of The Old Man, the legendary actor echoed his experience throughout.

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Jeff Bridges
Jeff Bridges

On the red carpet for the Academy Museum in Los Angeles, the actor echoed:

I was sick for a year and then came back to work with all the same cast and crew, and it was like I had a bizarre dream or something.

“I Was Kind Of Surrendering To The Idea That I Might Die” – Said The Old Man Actor Jeff Bridges

Filming for the TV adaptation of Thomas Perry’s 2017 novel, The Old Man was briefly halted in 2020, due to the virus outbreak. After production resumed later in the year, it apparently stopped again when the actor fell ill. While he was taking his chemotherapy, Bridges got diagnosed with Corona Virus as well.

He echoed loud that:

I was kind of surrendering to the idea that I might die. That this might be the end of the race kind of thing because that’s what’s going to happen to all of us at some point and maybe this was my time to go through that and I didn’t know.

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Jeff Bridges in The Old Man
Jeff Bridges in The Old Man

He Soon Returned To The Shoot After Achieving His Health Milestones

Soon, the actor stood straight and began shooting for The Old Man again after achieving his health milestones, accordingly. In this regard, the actor echoed that:

I would have had little goals all through my illness. The first goal was to see how long I could just stand up, and my record was 45 seconds for a long time. That was about as much as I could take, walking down the hallways of the hospital with your walker and your oxygen.

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Actor Jeff Bridges
Actor Jeff Bridges

The actor continued by saying:

And then my daughter Hailey was getting married to a wonderful guy Justin and I wanted to walk her down the aisle, do that wedding dance with my girl, and so I worked on that with my trainer Zach Wermersand we got that going. Then ‘The Old Man,’ I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to come back. But as I started to get my health back, I said, ‘Oh yeah, I can do this.

With all being said, The Old Man is all set for its official release on June 16th, 2022.

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