Kendall Jenner has a reputation for being one of the most successful models in the industry who has risen to the top, mostly because of the reality TV series, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. She is a top model who attends a variety of events that will definitely add to her confident persona. However, the socialite has recently confessed to doing a dirty job at this year’s Met Gala event.

Kendall Jenner
American socialite Kendall Jenner

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The 27-year-old TV reality star in a recent episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians opened up about having to relieve herself on her way to this year’s Met Gala event. Well, what she did was indeed surprising, however, she has no regrets.

Kendall Jenner Peed in an Ice Bucket

Kendall Jenner attending this year's Gala event
Kendall Jenner attending this year’s Gala event [Pic Credit: Cosmopolitan]
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The American TV reality star, Kendall Jenner confessed about having to use an ice bucket to pee on the way to this year’s Met Gala event.

The socialite wore a two-piece Prada dress and was on her way to the Gala in a sprinter van along with her team. She shared, “I am legit going to cry — but it is fine. I don’t know, I am just having a panic attack.”

She tried to calm herself down and shared with the team about having to use the bathroom. “I need to drink a sip of water, and I need to pee,” Jenner said. “Nobody judge me.”

“Do you actually have [an ice bucket]?” she initially laughed at the idea of having to relieve herself using an ice bucket however ultimately chose to do so.

She found the matter quite mortifying as she knew that someone would have to clean up her mess. “That is so mortifying for whoever has to deal with my pee later. I am so sorry.” 

Though she did not say who cleaned up after her that day, but she did confess to something else as well.

Kylie Jenner’s Apologizing to Prada for Having to Get a Little Mess

Kendall Jenner
Estée Lauder brand ambassador, Kendall Jenner

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The 27-year-old Jenner at that time requested her team to turn the music so that no one could hear the sound. “It is going to happen, but someone needs to throw on music because I can’t let you all listen to me pee.”

She also admitted to getting her mess on her feet accidentally while she was wearing the Prada dress. She apologized stating, “Prada, I’m so sorry!”

Even after that much drama, she thought it was the “best decision” she had ever made. For the unversed, this year, all the ladies of the Kardashian-Jenner family attended the Met Gala event.

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Source: The Kardashians

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