Acclaimed actor Chris Hemsworth aka Thor is solely not lauded for his exceptional performances and captivating his fans on-screen but also for his commitment to his work.

Actor Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth has sustained numerous injuries during movies, but the actor received one of his coolest scars when he tried to catch himself for dinner while fishing. In an interview, the Avengers star opened up about a trip with his family to the Outback, for which Hemsworth purchased an insanely oversized knife for fishing and when he used it during the trip, he was stabbed by himself thinking it was a fish but turned out to be his hand.

Chris Hemsworth Stabbed Himself on a Family Trip

Fans should be thankful to Chris Hemsworth for not making his career as a fisherman because The God of Thunder almost prepared himself for dinner and stabbed his hand thinking that it was a fish, so he could have ended up being a flop fisherman. Once upon a time, Hemsworth went on a trip to the lawless Australian Outback with his family where the actor enjoyed fishing and tried to catch the perfect dinner.

Actor Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth

However, no fish desired to land on the actor’s plate, and while snorkeling in the swimming hole, Chris Hemsworth thought he stabbed a fish but stabbed himself in the hand. This revelation came from the Extraction star himself in an interview with GQ. He said:

“I remember the sales guy asking, ’Well, what’re you gonna use that for?’ I said, ’Fishing?’ And that was the security test. Later, I went snorkeling in this swimming hole. Thought I stabbed a fish, but I stabbed myself in the hand instead. I still have a vivid memory of what that felt like. It wasn’t alarmingly bad, but it was like, ’Oh, wow. I’ve just done something here.’ “

Chris Hemsworth was flaunting his scars in the interview and wears proudly as a symbol of his dedication and commitment toward his work. The Rush actor mentioned that the experience was indeed painful and he could feel the sensation but it wasn’t alarmingly bad.

The Thor: Love and Thunder star even has a scar on his face which he received while filming for Rush. The actor stated that he wears his scars proudly and never attempted to hide them. Chris Hemsworth has been captivating the audience and fans since he stepped into the MCU and landed on many other successful movie roles other than the superhero world.

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Chris Hemsworth Reveals His Worst Fear

Chris Hemsworth with wife and children
Chris Hemsworth with his family

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In the same interview with GQ, the Men in Black: International star was asked about one of his worst fears that scares him out the most. Chris Hemsworth disclosed that his marriage with Spanish actress Elsa Pataky never scored him, and it was the actor who initiated his love for Pataky. However, now Hemsworth is a responsible father of his three children and the fear of not being a good father causes him a lot of worry.

The Star Trek actor fears failing to become a good father to his children whom he adores the most. Chris Hemsworth has a daughter named India Rose Hemsworth and two twin boys: Sasha and Tristan Hemsworth to whom the actor wishes to provide a fair and normal upbringing with utmost care and support.

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