Jennifer Lawrence and Andy Cohen kissed on live television. And Cohen confessed he was aroused after it. Cohen, 55 said he found Lawrence, 33 attractive. The age difference between the talk show host and the Hunger Games actress raised some eyebrows. But the episode also features both parties consenting to the kiss.

Even as Lawrence instigated the kiss, Cohen was enthusiastic about it, to say the least.

Jennifer Lawrence and Andy Cohen Kiss

Andy Cohen kissing Jennifer Lawrence
Andy Cohen and Jennifer Lawrence Kiss

As part of the Ask Andy segment on Cohen’s talk show titled Watch What Happens Live! , which was filmed before the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike began, Jennifer Lawrence lamented that Cohen kissed John Mayer but hasn’t kissed her. She said: “He’s more your type, I guess,” alluding to the fact that Cohen is gay.

Cohen played along with this joke, saying: “I mean he is, but, I mean, I am attracted to you. I’d love to kiss you. Consensually.”

To which Jennifer replied: “You have my consent.”

Cohen was excited to smooch the Oscar winner and the pair locked lips afterward in front of a hooting audience. Cohen later admitted to his attraction to the Mother actress saying: “I think she’s so hot.”

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Jennifer Lawrence Took It Too Far

Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence

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Even though the kiss was in all good fun, it trods on the line of inappropriateness. And it was Lawrence who instigated it which was all good and fun. But it was after the act that Lawrence pushed the boundaries too far.

After the pair pecked each other on the lips, Lawrence asked Cohen: “Did it do anything? Did it move?” to which Andy Cohen replied: “I’m hard as a rock, I’m bone hard.”

Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen

This is Lawrence’s brand of humor. Hilarious, chaotic, and centimeters away from horribly going wrong. Her fans loved it and hence they loved the moment, but some people questioned her behavior.

Even though the whole thing was consensual, it is to be considered what are the conversations to be had in the public sphere, especially if thousands of people have tuned in to watch.

Watch What Happens Live! can be watched on Peacock.

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Source: Page Six

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