Millie Gibson, the new star of Doctor Who, recently shared an exciting idea in an interview. She imagined the Doctor, the time-traveling alien Time Lord, arriving right in the middle of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Doctor Who, with over six decades of TV history, has a devoted and enthusiastic fanbase. Known for its quirky characters, imaginative stories, and thrilling time-travel adventures, the show has won the hearts of viewers around the world.

Doctor Who Season 14 (Credits BBC Studios)
Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson in a still from Doctor Who Season 14 (Credits BBC Studios)

Meanwhile, Harry Potter, a cultural phenomenon created by J.K. Rowling, has enchanted readers of all ages with its tales of a wizard and his friends at Hogwarts. Imagine a crossover between these two iconic series—it could easily attract record-breaking audience. This is what Gibson also thought of.

Millie Gibson’s Idea for Doctor Who Crossover

A still from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
A still from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Credits: Warner Bros.)

When asked in an interview with Collider, “if you could pick any series for Doctor Who to do a crossover with, what would you choose?” To this, Millie Gibson, who portrays Ruby Sunday in the series, replied:

“I love everything. I think if the Doctor and Ruby landed in something like, I don’t know ‘Harry Potter.’ They landed in the wizard in world, I think that would be cool. Probably something like that.”

A Doctor Who and Harry Potter crossover could be so much fun. Imagine the Doctor and Ruby arriving at Hogwarts to investigate something strange. They’d meet magical creatures and battle dark wizards. The Doctor’s time travel abilities mixed with the wizarding world’s time-turners could make for an awesome and mind-bending story.

Harry Potter Almost Made a Crossover with Doctor Who

Eagle-eyed fans of Doctor Who spotted a surprising detail in David Tennant‘s character’s wardrobe during his premiere episode, The Christmas Invasion. It was none other than a Hogwarts uniform – yes, from Harry Potter! Although this scene has nothing to do with the Harry Potter film series itself.

A still from Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion
A still from Doctor Who – The Christmas Invasion (Credits: BBC)

When this scene came in the 2005 episode, fans thought it’s was nothing more than a cute Easter egg. But the showrunner had even bigger plans – he wanted to do a whole crossover episode with Harry Potter. 

As per Giant Freakin Robot, the Doctor Who showrunner once had a secret plan with J.K. Rowling to bring her Harry Potter characters into the show. The idea was for Rowling to get a space bug that makes her characters come to life, and the Doctor would have to catch them all and return them to their proper places.

This idea is a lot like the first Fantastic Beasts movie, where Newt Scamander travels the world with a suitcase (that’s bigger on the inside) to collect the magical monsters. Sadly, this dream team-up never happened because the Harry Potter author turned down the chance to write the episode, and Tennant wasn’t a fan of the idea either.

Doctor Who is currently streaming on Disney+.

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