Getting recognized when out and about is an important aspect and a very common occurrence of being a celebrity. And a global music sensation such as Rihanna is no exception. The Barbadian beauty has had her fair share of fan encounters throughout her decades-long career. Celebrities get accustomed to such interactions but some end up leaving a more lasting impression and not always in a good way.

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, and later on The Graham Norton Show, the singer revealed her most horrifying experience of meeting a fan, which is quite hilarious but will leave anyone sympathizing with RiRi.

Rihanna’s Gets Recognised While Getting Waxed


Rihanna recounts an unnerving fan experience in an interview. The B*tch Better Have My Money Singer singer tells when her waxing lady chose the most inappropriate moment to let her know that she was a fan.

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When the Diamonds singer walked into a waxing salon, her esthetician could not wait until after doing her job. She told Rihanna that she knew her as she was removing hair from the bikini area. A truly harrowing experience for anyone involved but maybe the waxing lady didn’t realise that. As Rihanna points out:

“She couldn’t wait until we’re alone so she could just ask for an autograph or something..a picture; I was hoping for an autograph. And then when I am lying there in pain, she just decides to bust out.”

The experience was clearly painful in more than one way for RiRi.


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Rihanna’s Most Horrifying Experience

Rihanna at a press conference

Even though Rihanna is able to see the situation in a humorous light in hindsight; she couldn’t help but cringe at the memory. She sat through the process of getting her privates waxed by someone who knows her and got so starstruck with her presence that dropped the conduct of being a professional.

She was shaken and expressing her thoughts on the experience, she said:

“I was just like… was really awkward. It was probably one of the most awkward moments of my entire life.”

The singer then reveals that the possibility of instances like these is why she prefers someone who won’t probably recognize her.

“Every time I get a wax, I always specify that the lady is old and speaks Russian or no English.”

Recalling the words she spoke to her assistant after the process she says:

“I just got out of there and was like: ‘Siera do not ever bring me back here. I told you old and Russian!! Not a 20-year-old American for Goodness sake!”

And this was in the mid-2000s. Tough luck with a non-English speaker not recognizing Rihanna.

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Source: The Graham Norton Show

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