Jennifer Lopez is a multi-talented American actress, designer, singer, and dancer. Born in 1969, Lopez was the middle one of three sisters and was raised in a Roman Catholic family, having a strict upbringing. Still, Lopez participated in many extra-curricular activities in her school such as gymnastics and softball. In fact, the sisters were encouraged by their parents to sing, dance and perform plays at family events.

Impressed by West Side Story Lopez knew from an early age that she wanted to create a mark for herself in the entertainment industry. Lopez is a professional dancer and has learnt Jazz, Ballet, and Flamenco and used it best as a Fly Girl in the TV series In Living Color.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

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Lopez’s journey in the Entertainment Industry

Jennifer Lopez started her acting career with a regular role in the television show, South Central and then did other movies like, Mi Familia, Money Train, Jack, and Blood and Wine. But the major recognition came to Lopez due to the biopic Selena (1997) where Lopez played the role of  Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. The movie not just brought her loads of praises but also got her crowned as the first Latin actress to earn $1 million and her first Golden Globe nomination too. 

Lopez and Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez said that couple therapy with Alex Rodriguez was helpful for their relationship.

Jennifer Lopez then appeared in Anaconda, U Turn, Out of Sight, The Cell, and even did voiceover in the film Antz. You name a genre which Jennifer Lopez has not made her mark in, be it crime movies, thriller, action, comedy or horror, Lopez has done justice to all.

Her music career began from 1999 and her debut album On the 6 was a great success and Lopez’s debut single If You Had My Love topped the Billboard Hot 100. Her other musical hits were, Waiting for Tonight, “Love Don’t Cost a Thing” and “I’m Real”. 

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Jennifer Lopez’s Struggle with Anxiety and Her Recovery Efforts

Having such deep-rooted love for dancing, singing, acting, the stage was definitely made for Jennifer Lopez. But it might come as a shock to many of her well-wishers that the Latin Queen has had her own share of struggle with anxiety and panic attacks seeing her own performances or even during her shoots on the movie sets. Lopez has even shared many a times when her panic attacks went out of her control and it all made her feel so much worse about herself.

The multi-talented star has added so many feathers to her hat still like many of us Lopez also has nervous breakdowns. One such incident happened with Lopez while she was shooting for the movie Enough the cause of which was diagnosed by the doctors to be stress and exhaustion. Due to repeated such episodes, Lopez realized how much toll ignorance towards her health and well-being had taken on her physical and mental health.

Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Even though Lopez is a confident boss lady with innumerable achievements, still the star gets anxious while watching her shows, movies or performances and that is something which might happen to all of us. But on the brighter side, Lopez began her therapy few years ago and even shared in various interviews how these therapy sessions helped her to calm her mind and even had a positive impact on the relationships in her life.

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Source: The Indian Express 


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