Adam Levine used to be a real favorite, no doubt about that. The Girls Like You singer began to rule over the hearts of people (women in particular) a long time ago. But his fame has taken a stroll into the dark alleys because of several recent revelations against him.

It has come to light that the Maroon 5 member has sent a host of flirtatious texts to women on social media, despite being married. And his image has begun to take a tumble because of the same.

Adam Levine sent lewd texts to former Yoga Instructor

Maroon 5 lead vocalist Adam Levine
Adam Levine had allegedly sent vulgar messages to his Yoga Instructor

In the most recent case, Adam Levine has been accused of sending lewd messages to his yoga instructor, Alanna Zabel. She is the fourth person to call out Levine. And she took to Instagram to tell the world her story. On her Instagram stories, she said that she wanted to “let it all out”. And the post was captioned “Long Overdue #ExposeAdamLevine.”

According to her, she worked for Levine from 2007-2010, but the experience wasn’t so great. She had heard rumors that he had referred to her as the “best a-s in town and it was cute.”  Anyone can imagine how she must have felt.

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The text led to physical abuse

Adam Levine with Alana Zabbel
Adam Levine’s text led to a physical altercation between Zabel and her Boyfriend

But the situation went beyond control one day when Alanna Zabel received a text from Adam Levine. And its contents were something that would be disturbing for anyone.

The message said, “I want to spend the day with you naked.” This text was so scandalous that it even led to a physical altercation between Zabel and her then-boyfriend.

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Even though she later clarified that her boyfriend’s abusive behavior could not be blamed on Levine, Levine can not be absolved of all blame. She even said that there was no particular thing wrong with that message. The caption to her post read,

Firstly, Adam’s text was not wrong, IMO [in my opinion]. Secondly, Adam was not responsible for my abusive ex-boyfriend, or his actions. When you look at the Cause and Effect that came from Adam’s one text, either flirtatious or mis-sent, we can see how cautious and mindful we should be with our actions, and how they affect others.” 

Adam Levine was previously accused of having an affair with an Instagram model

Adam Levine and Sumner Stroh
Sumner Stroh was the first to accuse Adam Levine

But this is not a standalone accusation against Levine. The first allegation was made by an Instagram model named Sumner Stroh.

She claimed that she had a physical relationship with the star right after she “graduated college in 2021.” And Team Levine had to come out to clarify. The statement released by him claimed that he did not have an affair with her. But he did admit to crossing the line “during a regrettable period of my life.” The statement read: “I used poor judgment in speaking with anyone other than my wife in ANY kind of flirtatious manner.” 

In response to this Stroh claimed that the two did have a physical relationship. To back her claims up, she revealed texts in which Levine wrote, “You are 50 times hotter in person. And so am I hahahah.”

Two other people have also accused Levine of sending them similar flirtatious messages. Some texts, Mr. Levine…

Source: Page Six 

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