When it comes to being famous and infamous at the time, Hollywood actor Mel Gibson is a good example. He has starred in various iconic and classic films such as Braveheart, Hacksaw Ridge, etc. As a professional actor, Gibson has undoubtedly put a significant amount of effort into his roles. And as such, for his 2016 film Blood Father, he tried his best to get into the character of a former biker.

Talking about the movie, the actor revealed the length he went to for learning everything he could about his character. In the process, he even ended up trying his hand at tattooing.

Mel Gibson Opened Up About His Bad Tattooing Ability

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson

Hollywood star Mel Gibson might be an excellent actor and a director but it seems that he might not be as good when it comes to being a tattoo artist. The Hacksaw Ridge actor revealed back in 2016 in an interview about his attempt at giving tattoos when he was trying to study and learn more about his Blood Father character.

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In the film, he plays the role of a former biker therefore, to get first-hand experience he went out to meet real gang members and bikers.

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson

Moreover, he even tried his hand at giving tattoos but unfortunately, he never mastered the art of inking. Despite that, he did end up giving one to a  DEA (Drug Enforcement Association) guy who was a stranger to him. Talking with The Guardian, Gibson said,

”Just a line, man. I was just drawing little squiggles and pictures on the guy. He was like: “Yeah, go ahead, I don’t care”

And apart from that, the actor also tried his hands at riding motorcycles for real. Although he had a stuntman on the set, the Braveheart star still managed to get some injuries which he blamed all on his age.

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More on Mel Gibson’s Film Career

Mel Gibson
Mel Gibson

The veteran actor Mel Gibson is one of the most popular and crucially praised actors. With films such as Braveheart (1995) for which he won two academy awards and Apocalypto etc, Gibson has truly marked his name in the list of great actors. He has appeared in 43 films till now.

Apart from acting, the actor is an equally good director and producer. He has directed four films in total which include his 1995 hit Braveheart, The Passion of the Christ, Hacksaw Ridge, and Apocalypto. Also, there are 11 films that he has produced till now.

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Source: The Guardian

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