Carrie Preston is known for her sprawling acting career. The actress has starred in shows such as True Blood, Crowded, The Good Wife, and The Good Fight. The actress recently starred in the film They/Them, directed by John Lagon. The film follows a group of LGBTQ+ teens in a conversion camp as they try to cope with the psychological horrors while trying to survive being stalked by a masked murderer.

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Carrie Preston felt horrible playing an evil counselor

Carrie Preston
Carrie Preston talks about playing a villain in They/Them

The film’s plot is dark enough but according to the actress, playing an evil counselor was way darker for her. The actress told Page Six,

“I was terrified. I thought, ‘oh my goodness, I cannot say these things. These are horrible things to say.”

However, the actress managed to console herself by thinking about the impact of the film in starting conversations about vile counselors who put LGBTQ+ children through severe trauma and abuse. The actress said,

“But then I thought, ‘Hey listen, this is what the film’s about. It’s about the horrors of this thing that this woman is doing.’ So the film doesn’t really work if you don’t have that, so I was very happy to be invested in it.”

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Carrie Preston’s role in They/Them was different from the others

Carrie Preston
Carrie Preston’s role in They/Them was different from her previous roles

The actress also talked about how the role was different from her previous roles,

“I usually don’t get to play the bad guy. I usually play the quirky character or the sweet character, that kind of thing. So, I always like an opportunity to do something different, something that stretches me.”

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Carrie Preston says the film will help to empower the queer community

Carrie Preston in They/Them
Carrie Preston in They/Them

The actress also said that the film is aimed at empowering the LGBTQ+ community. Talking about the film, the star stated,

“It uses the horror genre to shed a light on the real-life horrors of gay conversion, which sadly still goes on in this country in terrifying numbers. So it captures that, but it’s also just a really fun, slasher film.”

Hopefully, the film will help to shed light on the horrors of conversion camps and will be received well by queer audiences.

They/Them will come out on Aug. 5 on Peacock.

Source: Page Six

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